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  1. I got no questions about China but I'm sure they had already checked my passport and saw I had no travel there. I would think about 1 Pm you should definitely be out of there.
  2. After a denial in Aug 2019 for a tourist visa to visit me while working in Guam, we were successful in obtaining a IR-1 marriage based Visa on 13 Feb. My wife and I have been married 26 months and we lived together in Vietnam for 18 months and in Laos for 4 months. Some of the details on the interview which I accompanied her on. We arrived at 0615 and when the guards allowed everyone to come across the street, I sprinted over and was 2nd in line. Once the greeter saw my USA passport he moved me to the first position along with my wife. Once inside the embassy, we spent about 30 minutes before getting called up to a window. They looked at our original documents, asked my wife if she was married previously and then we sat down and waited. About 45 minutes later we were called up again. The American interviewer and Vietnamese woman translated the questions. She asked again was my wife previously married, how many times I visited Vietnam and asked for photos of us together. My wife had prepared a 4 inch high stack of about 200 photos. A few moments later they handed everything back and said your visa has been approved. Welcome to the USA. By 0900 we were done and out of the embassy. I hired a lawyer to represent us. He prepared everything. We had 80 pages in our application package. The cost was 5000 USD and worth every penny.
  3. We had our interview yesterday at HCMC for IR-1 Visa. I have 2 prior marriages. I had the original last divorce certificate and a copy of the 1st divorce certificate. They didn't even look at the copy. They were only interested in the last one which should be an original or certified copy.
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