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  1. i think yes its not an issue i heard a person who was talking about court marriage that it could be a problem thats why posted here to know and i was just wondering i think i shouldn't be worry
  2. in Pakistan and the reason is we both aren't rich we cannot afford marriage ceremonies and am from Kashmir bringing my spouse in Kashmir was dangerous for her self and that time conflict was going on in Kashmir at border so marrying in court was a better idea also because we aren't rich
  3. I wanna know at the embassy stage court marriage can be a red flag or they gonna ask why we got married in court instead at home or church?
  4. on June 29 we tried to change address through online form still hasn't updated and on online account it still keeps telling us that in this part of the process you can't update your address i130 for spouse PD oct 24 2019
  5. our case was transferred to Vermont it's been 19 months and still waiting Vermont is an black hole don't know how long it will take more for us and for u hang there...
  6. i need help the petitioner is going to move at new house to change the address where should petitioner send documents our SC was taxes but the case was at Vermont then at feild office now dont know where is our case of anyone can tell us where we should send form to change the address
  7. I have a question she already filed tax returns for 2020 so can we still file for ITIN ?
  8. I am filling out w7 form for ITIN number and I wanted to know what I need to send with the form
  9. you filed in September 2020 nd we filed in Oct 2019 nd still waiting our case is at Vermont like yours they transferred our case without notifying us so be patientce
  10. so she need to send me documents through mail for my signatures
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