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    My name is Chris (Christopher) an American Citizen, and my Fiance is Georgia, My beautiful Greek Goddess. This is the first time I've ever done such a thing and I'm trying to obtain as much information as possible so that the K1 process will run smoothly. We just want to live together happily; however, we both wish immigration (legal immigration) wasn't so difficult and discouraging. We've been together for 3 years.

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  1. Well if you'd like to know, we've actually received a I-845 interview for the 15 of march without an rfe. I don't know if they simply saw through the mistake and sent it along anyway or what. Just in case I'm bringing a corrected version with me; so if they ask for it, they'll have it right there. We're actually kind of nervous; of course nothing is fake in our relationship, but we know that this is the point of Yay or Nay. They may schedule a second interview, but if we screw up She'll have to go back home.
  2. Two weeks after an approved interview? Forgive my ignorance: I'm just getting things straight before explaining to my wife. They can approve the GC right there at the interview, then 2 weeks later it comes in the mail, right?
  3. Well, my wife just got her I-485 interview notice in the mail today. I couldn't find any recent posts (2016 or newer) about this so I'm making one now to help those around the same time period. Question 1 My Wife and I filed also for EAD, request for work authorization in order to work whilst the Green Card is approved. We haven't gotten anything about that yet; does this mean she'll have her GC approved before the EAD can be issued? Question 2 What happens after a I-485 interview? How long does it take to get a GC if the interview is successful? Thanks in advance, guys!
  4. I'm just looking for a second opinion on this. I know I'll likely get an RFE. When filling out the form to sponsor my Wife, I of course marked that I'd be the sole sponsor, but it just hit me that I wrote her name down in the Additional family members you are supporting portion. (It states "Family Member 1, 2, 3,.. etc) When it seems you do not need to. In my own shameful stupidity, I put the relationship to her (thinking it was me) as spouse. It literally is her exact info.. with the A number and everything. Everywhere else is 100% Correct, even where it asks our household size (2 for she and I) Do you believe I'll get an RFE? I have a strong feeling I will. It's a good thing we filed an EAD with it.
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