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  1. Hi everyone, I used to read this board a ton back in 2006/2007 when my husband was coming to the US. My husband is Algerian but had been living in Spain at the time. There was a big group of people who used to post a lot - some of the names I remember offhand were Doodlebug , Umm squekster, Jackie, Wife of Mohamed. I am really curious to see if anyone knows what happened to any of these people! I tired searching their names but it seemed they all eventually stopped posting. As for me, I've been married now for 10 years now to my Algerian husband and we have two beautiful children . it's true when they say getting the visa is the easy part - we really really struggled when he first got here. What saved us was moving to an area (NYC) where there are other Algerians. But to be honest some days it's still a struggle. And we still spend ALL our vacation time taking trips to Algeria. Anyway, if any other old timers would like to post an update I would love to read them :-) Christina