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  1. Thank you, yes they have to write about how they see you suffer without your family member and they have to talk about seeing you as a family and the effect of separating you guys.I sent letters from family members and from my children teachers saying how my husband was involved in their education and how not being close to their dad would hurt them. I read that too about not sending children letters or from family members because it doesn't help but I still sent it. Good luck as well
  2. Hi, I did not get a lawyer for any of the process for my husband's green card. Today I received the approval of his waver. I wrote it myself and just made sure to get others to read for me for proof reading and grammar. I did not pay anyone a cent only the application fees. I sent all the proof that I could from my bills to tons of pictures. Letters from my children and family members, people from the community and my job. I did not have any medical or any grave conditions. I wrote the hardship letter from my heart and detailed everything we have been through and detailing the reason why it was not good for us to go to Ecuador and sent proof of all the corruption of the politics, the kidnappings to US citizens. I also stated health and medical insurance and the lack of it in Ecuador. Education and how bad it is for my children. I detailed everything with facts and sent proof. Things I googled and sent. One time sent and we got approved. Hope this helps. Look for sample letters here of people who have been approved. that helped me a lot. good luck.
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