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  1. Hi Everyone, I am confused about where I am supposed to add my joint sponsor's spouse's information in CEAC. I understand that "household member" refers only to the petitioner's household member, not the sponsor's. I have read many times that I should upload an I-864A and domicile/status info for my joint sponsor's spouse, not because we need to prove extra income, but because the consulate often requests this info. Where is the best place to upload these docs? Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, My dad is acting as a joint sponsor for me and will be filling out the I-864 using assets. HOwever, he is married to my mom and I understand that she has to fill out the I-864A. He does NOT need any of her income to meet the requirements, but I have read that she should fill one out anyway since they are married and file taxes jointly. Both of their names are on all of the assets. Do they both declare the assets/income on the I-864 and I-864A or does my dad just declare it all on his and my mom leaves her at 0? Thank you!
  3. Hey! Have you had the medical? Did you end up doing the vaccinations at a centro de salud first? How was the overall experience? THanks!
  4. It's all totally random. I'm from DC and was sent to Nebraska, my friend from DC was sent to Potomac.
  5. Great thank you. But if by the time my husband has his interview I am already living with my parents, does it remain 2?
  6. Hi everyone, I have a question about the I-864 household size question, specifically Part 5, #7. I am petitioning only for my husband. I will be using my dad as a joint sponsor. He will be filling out I-1864 and my mom will be filling out I-864A because they are married and file jointly, not because we need her to declare any more income. We will be living with my parents until we get settled into the US. For #7 "If you have siblings, parents, or adult children with the same principal residence who are combining their income with yours by submitting Form I-864A, enter the number here:" Would it be 1 (my dad), 2 (my mom and dad) or 0 considering my dad is filing the I-864, and my mom is only filing the I-864A because I have read they sometimes request it, not because we need her income? I am assuming I have to put someone there as my income alone is not enough to sponsor for my husband as I have been living abroad. I understand that I only count my husband once and no one else (no children or dependents) but am confused about this section. Many thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, Preparing for NVC stage -- my husband lived in the UK for a year and we have his clean police certificate. However, by the time we get to the NVC stage it will be over a year old. However, he has not entered the UK since. My understanding, based on the website, is that it can be over a year old if you haven't been back to that country: Important: Police certificates expire after one year, unless the certificate was issued from your country of previous residence and you have not returned there since the police certificate was issued. If at the time of your interview the following three items are all true, you must bring a new police certificate to your visa interview: You are more than 16 years old; The police certificate submitted to NVC was obtained more than one year ago; and You still live in the country that issued the certificate. It is clear that at the interview his police certificate will be accepted. However, I'm a little worried that NVC will deny his certificate; how will they know he hasn't been back to the UK? The certificate is hard and expensive for us to get so I am wondering if anyone has experience with this. I definitely don't want to spend a long time at NVC considering our I-130 is currently at Nebraska and will already be over a year by the time we get to NVC. Thanks
  8. I doubt anyone reads this, but I found this website to leave feedback/ideas to USCIS. Maybe if many people wrote the same "idea" of how slow Nebraska is someone will read it http://uscisconnect.ideascale.com/a/ideas/recent
  9. Ok, thank you both for your responses. I (the petitioner) will be moving back to the States to the address I already have listed as my mailing address and the beneficiary will be moving in with his parents until getting approval so I guess I will have to change both of our physical addresses. Thanks
  10. Hi Everyone, I know you need to let USCIS know when your mailing address changes, but if your PHYSICAL address changes & the mailing address remains the same, do you have to notify them? (For both the petitioner & beneficiary) Thanks!
  11. lol ok thank you! I know my case isn't ready I just hate not doing anything lol
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