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  1. Congratulations! Received Invoice and Case number today (26th December) too!
  2. Any news from NVC? Our case was sent to the state department October 30. Has sent them several requests but they replied they've "recently" received our visa petition. It's been 6 weeks now...
  3. Thank you for the respond! I think I should ask attorney. DS-260 form requires E-signature, Affidavit of support requires only sponsor's signature
  4. Guys, question to those who is at NVC stage and submitting documents. Is there any form required my "live" signature as beneficiary? Attorney said (from my husband's words) I'll need to sign some papers and then send it to NVC. Just wonder what it can be.
  5. Our case was sent to NVC October 30th, still no news either....
  6. I was denied K1 in 2016 (Moscow). K1 petition was returned to USCIS and after 4 months we got mail that the petition expired. We got married in 2017, in Feb 2018 filed for CR1 with attorney and now we are at NVC stage. Get married, make several trips together and file for CR1. It is a tough process, but supporting each other and meetings make it easier. Good luck
  7. October 30th Case was sent to NVC! Husband got phone msg, no email notifications though I's signed for it USCIS app and old website has updates, new website still says "Case was received"
  8. Has anyone used e-Request for cases outside normal processing times on USCIS website? https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayONPTForm.do?entryPoint=init&sroPageType=onpt About to send request, just wonder if they even reply and how long it takes to get respond
  9. Great news! Maybe we are approved too already and just don't know it yet... i hope
  10. I think it depends not only on Service Center but also on the officer who is reviewing cases. Some ppl are simply slower than others...
  11. Still nothing... PD is Feb 7th Do you think its time to call or its early? I'm glad we are not alone waititng for approval
  12. Some ppl don't have updates on the websites and get hard copy by post or find out case was approved by email from NVC
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