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  1. Hahaha you are right. It is frustrating to see how every Gov. agency is related between each other and yet they have no access to the same data of base. I even called DHS and they said SSA should not wait for DHS and they should be able to release a SSN only with the visa in passport and I94. Than I gave up and told myself I am going to just patiently wait. The only reason we wanted social number so bad is because of driver license. In our state we need to provide a bunch of papers before they will give you a driver license and SSN is one of them.
  2. What did the invitation letter for biometrics said ? In most cases they send for both I-485 and I-765 at the same time. However in some cases they send separate biometric letters in different days for I485 and I 765.
  3. You are right. Form 131 doesnt require biometrics. In most cases the status on 131 form doesnt change until the card is produced, if at all.
  4. My husband applied for SSN prior to our marriage. He never got SSN. We waited for a little over 2 months. The last time we went to SS office the clerk that talked to us explained that when he arrived in USA he was on K1 visa status, after marriage and applying for AOS he is no longer on K1 visa status. As a K1 holder one is eligible for SSN, but as an AOS pending one is not eligible until the work authorization isn't approved. He also mentioned that in order for them to release a SSN to someone the DHS has to "clear" that person, and if they dont then we stuck waiting. Anyway last week we received a letter where SS office clearly said that my husband is not eligible at the moment for SSN and his visa expires soon (k1 visa), which is in contradiction with what the clerk told us. We will wait for EAD to be approved and will try again. I know people that came on K1 and got SSN in a few weeks but I guess that is not a standart.
  5. Unfortunately this is where the waiting game starts. You can search on VJ people with the same local office as yours and see their time lines. This will give you an ideea about how long you might need to wait. Your case may be fast you never know.
  6. It can be days, it can be months, or in some situations years. It all depends on your luck and local field office. As Ayrton said the letter will come when the status will change to interview was scheduled.
  7. Does anyone know if USCIS will be working on Black Friday ? I know they are closed on Thanksgiving but I am not sure about Friday. Thanks in advance.
  8. I would also print a copy from USCIS oficial site about the federal poverty guideline and attach it to everything Ayrton just said. A kindly reminder to them what the 125% constitute. Sometimes they are not paying attention to that and delay people for no reasons.
  9. Sorry for the confusion I think your case is a bit different than ours. I got confused and thank you for clarifications, my bad. I hope your REF will be solved shortly and your case will move on.
  10. For AOS we were supposed to send both versions ? We only have the one with names and the place of birth and this is what we send along with translation. We did the same birth certificate for k1. I didn't even realize there are different birth certificates out there.
  11. I put one for each application, because technically there are three different applications.
  12. I did a lot of research before I put my AOS package together and pretty much everyone suggested to put the original copy of your marriage certificate. That is technically a copy but is notarized and certified. When you get married they give you as many copies as you want, but you need to pay extra.
  13. I would do the original of the marriage certificate, just to be safe. I've heard people got RFE for that reason.
  14. From what I have read, one can expect biometrics letter from 7-10 days after the NOA1. Some people received it the same time with NOA1, others can wait a few months There is not a general rule, it all depends on your local USCIS office. What I would suggest you to do is to find people from your region and see what was their experiences. That would give you an idea about what to expect.
  15. Can you please tell me how did you contact DHS? Thank you!
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