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  1. did he redo his medical? or did they give him visa with expired medical?
  2. If they’re reviewing your denied case, will it update on CEAC or will it still say refused on x-x-2018? I have a family members whose case was refused in march, and were trying to figure out if she’s eligible for a waiver. Any idea how to go about doing so? the email that’s on the case is another person who was helping them before but we haven’t been able to get in touch with him so we don’t know if she has been sent the email or not. her US citizen spouse is sponsoring her and her 2 kids have US passports but her visa was refused still.
  3. Hey, can you tell me more about julie? I have a family member who met with her and she said it's going to cost 7,500 to help them and that she'll apply for a waiver for them and if it doesn't work, she'll go to court in the US for their case.
  4. Hello, yes, co-sponsor who are filling out the I-864A have to submit evidence of how they're related. ex; if a parent is your co-sponsor, you can submit birth certificate that has your name on their name on it. but if the person doing the co-sponsorship isn't related to you or does not live in the same household as you, then they fill out the I-864 and i believe the don't have to submit evidence (i maybe incorrect though).
  5. thank you! and ameen. very strange, I don't know if it has something to do with the ban since it starts on monday again, but inshaAllah kheir! best of luck.
  6. ameen inshaAllah! best of luck everyone.
  7. just wanted to update you guys that my husband was able to pick up his visa. visa was actually issued on wednesday october 11 and it was available to him on thursday, but he picked it up today (sunday). also, for some reason, his visa expires in 9 days so i'd advise you all to maybe arrange booking once the visa is issued right away.
  8. oh ok, and what date did you pick up your daughter's visa?
  9. him and another guy he met are going to the embassy tomorrow to pickup their visa's. they shouldn't have any problems, right? yes it's my husband and his interview was july 16.
  10. ceac status states issued, any idea how long or when will they notify us to pickup?