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  1. Motorcity0214

    INFO Pass Appt

  2. Motorcity0214

    INFO Pass Appt

    Nice! Will continue checking
  3. Motorcity0214

    INFO Pass Appt

    Thank You, but I think they have rolled out the new process of calling USCIS: https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=7f2612dc-d156-4915-9d08-1f7ba85cab6a
  4. Motorcity0214

    INFO Pass Appt

    Hi - Is anyone else getting an error "No Appointments Available" when trying to setup an INFO PASS appointment? No Calendar, nothing?
  5. Motorcity0214

    N-400 April 2018 Filers

    Thanks Everyone: Per "Ask Emma" on the USCIS site, looks like my wife will be okay as we applied for her citizenship well before 6 months of expiration: "If you apply for naturalization 6 months or more before the expiration date on your Permanent Resident Card (formerly known as an Alien Registration Card or “Green Card”), you do not have to apply for a new card. However, you may apply for a renewal card if you wish by using an “Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card” (Form I-90) and paying the appropriate fee. If you apply for naturalization less than 6 months before the expiration date on your Permanent Resident Card, or do not apply for naturalization until your card has already expired, you must renew your card.
  6. Motorcity0214

    N-400 April 2018 Filers

    Hi Everyone, My wife's 10 year green card expires on January 2019, but her citizenship case won't be completed until March 2019. So, technically she won't have a green card for 3 months. Should we renew her greencard as well? Seems like a lot of money for 3 months (barring any complications). Will this affect her citizenship (N400) which is already in process. Thank You!
  7. Motorcity0214

    Filing N400 online, anyone?

    Hi Everyone, Not sure where to ask, but we were a little late in applying for citizenship for my wife. She's a permanent resident "Green Card" (10 years) which expires in January 2019. However, her citizenship status has an estimate of March 2019 for completion. Do we need to extend her Green Card? It just seems like a lot of money for 3 months (barring any issues)? Thanks for your help!