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  1. Mine got update to fingerprint review is completed after week or so and before that it used to give me error searching the case number. On new site only have generic that case is received and I don't need to do anything until they ask. And still same say on it even after biometric.
  2. It says initial. What's the difference
  3. Yea but some one picked file from Jan 2019 and asked for evidence so mistakes twice let's hope they're speed up
  4. Yea the one got approved from October 2018 didn't believe it they got official letter of approval and now waiting on the card.. But the strange thing sending RFE to Jan 2019 when people from 2018 still didn't get even biometric... How they select cases!?
  5. I saw case on tracker filing Jan 2019 got rfe ... Are they speed up or that glitch MSC1990xxxxx and we saw the October 2018 got one case approved... Excited news I guess...
  6. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/immigration/article226630564.html Check this new process trial In FL
  7. About five working days since submit the request.
  8. Oh I had to do e-request.
  9. How to know if it's original or duplicate copy. What we received is green papers two pages.
  10. Forgot to update all. Finally got my extension of 18 month!!! Now just the waiting.....😎 I'm the GC holder my name is mentioned both in petitioner and Beneficiary is that correct? Good luck everyone on getting biometric or extension..
  11. Good luck and safe travels.. still wondering about national benfit center if it's good or slow alot from Cal and Vermont even nebrska didn't get biometric but got extension.. will see
  12. Did you got a stamp or your GC still valid.
  13. I filed an e-request today.. but no option for extension I picked other? And booked infopass maybe they will stamp my passport that will be even better.. will keep you updated. Are you out of USA or vacation domestic
  14. Any one with case in national benfit center.. did you get your extension letter yet? It's been long wait . Done the biometric but no extension letter yet... Called USCIS and they said do infopass.
  15. What this status mean ? They already processed your biometric and working on file already.. I think they still working on Jan 2018 to early for us I think.. what your thoughts