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  1. http://www.foreigndocumenttranslation.com/ They charged $27. It was accepted for my college. I have used this site for immigration purposes too. They will return the translated document in two days and you do not have to send the original, just a scanned copy. Highly recommended.
  2. I had the same problem because my high school from my country only gave me a diploma not transcripts. I talked to the college and they told me they could accepted a translated diploma in English. Maybe you can do the same.
  3. Keep checking the CEAC page. Probably they update the info. Good luck.
  4. Hi. I checked my documents and my son was included in the "Ready" letter. I suggest you call NVC for clarification.
  5. How old is you daughter? You will receive a letter from the NVC informing you about the interview process and she will be included in the letter if she is under 21.
  6. I think you can find your answer in this link. I followed the instructions and it worked for me: http://www.visajourney.com/content/ssn For K1 Visa Holders :: As a K-1 Visa Holder you are eligible to receive a SSN upon producing a valid I-94 (unexpired). Do not wait until you only have a few weeks left until your I-94 expires to file for a SSN. Many SSA offices will not allow you to file for a SSN if your I-94 is about to expire (generally 14 days prior to the expiration on your I-94). On the other hand, you should also not file for a SSN too soon either. You should wait 2 weeks after you arrived in the US before applying for a SSN. If you go too soon your record of arrival will not be in the SAVE-ASVI system yet, and it will require manual verification from the USCIS. As this will add weeks to the period it takes to process the SSN, it is advisable to attempt to wait the two weeks to be safe. If you have waited the 2 weeks and they tell you they can not verify you arrival record via the SAVE database, you may allow them to to process it (but remember the potential delay for manual verifications). You can ask if they will check the computer again for you in a few days or return personally to have them look again -- thus eliminating the manual verification. The manual verification will require the SSA office to file a G-845 with the USCIS. To apply for a SSN you will need to go to your local SSA office and bring the documents below. These documents are proof of your eligibility to file for a SSN: 1. The SS-5 form you downloaded and filled out (they have some at the office if you forget). 2. your Passport (with the K-1 Visa in it) 3. your valid I-94: Electronic I-94 Copy; or (for older entries) an original (and bring a front/backside copy) of a valid paper I-94 4. another form of valid ID (as defined in the SS-5 instructions) 5. You should also bring the document RM 10211.530 that you printed out Make sure to bring all the documents above because some offices have staff that are not aware that a K-1 Visa Holder is eligible to file for a SSN. A friendly reminder is a nice thing to have -- if not you could be turned away incorrectly. Once you have successfully applied for your SSN, the SSN card will come in the mail in about 2 weeks. You can check on the status of the SSN application and/or often get the SSN in advance by returning in person (try calling) to the SSA office. If you need your SSN before it arrives in the mail you may ask them for an SSA-7028, Notice to Third Party of Social Security Number Assignments, to be sent to your employer or other interested third party once a SSN has been assigned. Your card, when you receive it, will be marked with the words "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH INS AUTHORIZATION" indicating to an employer that you must also have an unexpired EAD to be eligible to work.
  7. And if you become U.S. Citizen, you may choose to opt out of the automatic conversion to F1 and stay in F2B. Just my two cents.
  8. His priority day is September 20, 2016. It is probably his PD is current on November 1, 2018, so his CSPA age will be 21 years, 5 months, 23 days. He will aged out.
  9. Yes. I talked to the bank because l tried three times and the system showed me "error", then "paid" and l thought the system had charged me three times. The bank told me that nothing was pending. So, l read here on VJ that something similar had happened and the person just wait, so l did the same and after two or three days l do not remember exactly how many days, "paid now" was available again. I paid with no problem. Try call NVC and confirm if the payment was made.
  10. I had the same problem. I just waited for 2 or 3 days and finally l could pay.
  11. According to your details, he is not going to be eligible under CSPA. You can use this calculator. His category will be changed automatically to F2B. Sorry about that. https://www.***removed***/cspa-calculator.do;jsessionid=A3729169730CB7B5A9A024C634ACFEDB
  12. Hi, yes, you can write the name of the department in that field. I am from Colombia and in my case it was “Atlantico”.
  13. The more time USCIS takes to approve the petition the better. When her PD is current, you will have to subtract this time from her age at that moment.
  14. I think l misunderstood the text. Please post PD and DOB.
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