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  1. Hi i just flew in with my dog from Indonesia to Houston. My dog was flying in as checked bag. From what ive read and my experience, you should get flights with least transits. And if your pet flies as checked bag, you should fly with the same airline all the way. Also you should make sure that the airline transits in an airport with animal cargo facility. So they can take care of him/her during transit. I flew with qatar, my pup made it fine at our destination, and i notice that her kennel was cleaned at transit, as they replaced her pee pads however qatar air doesnt allow animals in cabin. Its harder to find transatlantic flights that allow animals in cabin.
  2. Yes, you can use those. Have her parents to write a letter stating that she lives with them and Print out bank statements with the same address. If she got a car under her name that would be great as well. Good luck.
  3. If your wife doesn't reside in the US, she can provide a letter explaining her intention to re-establish domicile. What we used for our case: 1. US bank account 2. US credit card with US billing address 3. Current driver's license 4. Letter from petitioner's foreign employer that his contract ends before our plan of moving. 5. Temporary visa 6. my husband wrote a letter as well, just to elaborate on everything. re-read the instruction, somewhere in there you can find a thing or two about it.
  4. vistajones

    Medical Check in Jakarta

    I just had my medical check up last month. I wasn't asked to do sputum test, however if they suspected TB from the chest x-ray, they'll call you after to return for sputum test.
  5. I went to Jakarta consulate for the Interview, and it was a very pleasant experience. The officers were very friendly but also efficient. Went in at 12.30 pm and left the embassy around 2 pm. The interview itself only took about 5 minutes. The questions are: Where and when I met my husband? What does my hubby do in Indonesia? Where are we planning on staying once we're there? And then the CO showed a white paper and said we've been approved, and he looked so happy. I did the javascript:emoticon('') happy dance all the way to the train station.
  6. Thank you, I think we were waiting in Hellbraska together. Wish you a speedy process onwards.
  7. Thanks, Im sorry I replied your massage late. I was taking a break from VJ for a few weeks.
  8. Hey guys,just finished the interview. Thank God, it was an easy one. Thank you for the support from everyone here. Hope to hear more good news from all of you soon.
  9. Congrats, my interview is next Tuesday. Wish me luck. Really hoping for an easy interview
  10. Yes, she must submit her affidavit of support even though she doesn't make enough. She has to file her taxes or a letter explaining why she was not required to file. If she didn't make any money during the previous tax year, then you put in $0, same deal with current income.
  11. I opened a dollar account with Bank danamon (they dont charge monthly fee if the balance is more than 100$). To transfer money it's 40$ to make sure the receiving account get the full amount but somehow wells fargo and capital one still take their 15$ out. If you have BCA/other national bank id assume, i managed to take money out from atms in the US, with minimal fee and better exchange rate.However you cant take more than 1000$ a day (depends on your account policy) I like this alternative better. Im planning on keeping my indonesian credit card open as well.
  12. Yup same here. They whatsapp-ed me a week after the checkup, telling me that they sent the result to the embassy. No sputum test thank god.
  13. Selamat malam Well I didn't received the envelope.they said they will send it directly to the embassy in about 10 days. Which I find odd,cause everyone seems to pick up their results. Also, I don't think the doc saw my chest x-ray that day since they were pretty busy. I guess if they find something, they'll let me know next week. Hopefully not!!! But, we'll just have to "enjoy" the ride.
  14. Signed copy is alright. Nvc doesn't need wet signature anymore.