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  1. We just got our DQ for CR1 visa. Do we know if the Sydney Consulate is even accepting cases from the NVC right now given the lockdown? We're working on scheduling spouse's medical exam, and then as soon as that is done, emailing the consulate to say we could fly to Sydney at a moment's notice. And then planning on flying to LAX the moment we receive his passport back. Any clues on what the NVC to Consulate process is like right now?
  2. I am a US-Australian dual citizen. My spouse and I live together in Australia. Spouse is due to receive CR1 visa shortly. The plan was simply for us to move together after he acquired his visa. There is now a chance that I might get a really good job that keeps me in Australia for a little bit longer (it's a contract, so not an open engagement). I can't, in good conscience, ask my spouse to stay here in Australia and bumble around waiting for me to finish up, when our intention has been for him to start his career in the US. What I'd love to do is for us to go over to the US together, set up our apartment, and then come back for the job. But unfortunately, Australia's closed borders mean it isn't quite so easy. Can my spouse go over in advance of me to set up our domicile? If I get this job, I intend for the company to list the US city we're moving to as my home base. And the job will be partially produced by an American company. Any ideas on this?
  3. I am the USC petitioner for my spouse's CR1 visa. In mid-May, everything except my spouse's police certificate was accepted by the NVC, and within their document processing timeframe. We got the new police certificate, and submitted June 7. Now the NVC processing timeframe is saying that, as of this Monday, they're reviewing documents submitted on June 8, but this police certificate still hasn't been approved. This is literally the last thing to complete our case. But also, I'm suspecting it hasto do with something strange that happened on our CEAC (red box is redacted name). Before submitting the replacement police certificate, these strange entries appeared regarding "1st Marriage"--obviously a police certificate, passport bio page, or photographs don't change with a different marriage--so I spoke to an agent at the NVC. She said to add in the comments, "Approved below." I feel like now some other agent has seen this and is thoroughly confused. Is it worth calling the NVC about this? I want to get this police certificate approved so we can move forward before my work contract ends next month.
  4. So, given the lockdown in Sydney, do immigrant visa interviews just cease until it's lifted? We're about to get our Case Complete in the next couple days, and were planning to depart for LAX at the end of August. Travel exemptions from Australia already granted. I'm on a contract that ends 22 Aug. Are we kinda screwed at the moment?
  5. Hello all! I am USC. My spouse and I live in Australia. I have lived here for the past 4 years. Our petition has advanced to NVC. I am a performer, and my primary income in Australia comes from performing. NVC websites says the following: "If you completed Form I-864, I-864A, or I-864EZ and the income reported on this form or your tax transcript reflects income below the poverty guidelines for the year the form was submitted, submit evidence of your income. If you are currently self-employed in any of the following ways, you do not need to obtain submit evidence of income: Babysitter, elderly caretaker, construction worker, handyperson, housekeeper, landlord, musician, nanny, seamstress, tailor, artist, or writer." So obviously because I don't have employment in the US, my income will appear insufficient, but according to this wording, I don't need to show evidence of income. Can someone explain to me how this makes sense? The one person we can approach about being a joint sponsor is a bit of a stretch, so if we don't need to have one, then that's ideal. OTHER QUESTION My spouse is previously married. His "Licence and Certificate of Marriage" from the State of California has "CUSTOMER COPY" watermarked on it, and does not have a State File Number nor a Local Registration Number, and it has not been signed by the Local Registrar. However, it does have the original signatures from all of the parties involved. Will this be suitable for NVC or should I order an authorised copy through VitalChek? Thanks for your help!
  6. But then my spouse will still be unable to work (when he also has better prospects in the US in his industry). I also cannot guarantee that I will immediately find a job and I don't have family to stay with, so I will incur immense financial hardship trying to support him. Also, Australia has enacted a strict ban on people leaving the country. You have to have specific grounds for an exemption. It will be very bureaucratically cumbersome for us to leave the country separately.
  7. Hey guys, first of all, completely acknowledge that this is a frequent topic, and I appreciate whatever advice you're able to offer. I recently applied for an expedite for I-130 based on financial loss through my congressperson and was denied. I am the USC living in Australia with my Australian spouse beneficiary. I'm an actor, and I lost two lucrative jobs here due to COVID. My partner and I both are lucky in that we're receiving unemployment assistance, but that is shortly due to be reduced by the Government to below the national poverty line. The industry in the United States has not been shut down as drastically as it has here, so I have no prospects here but more in the US. (Less relevant, but my spouse is also an actor and started his career in the US on OPT and O-1s. He has an extremely high calibre American manager, so his prospects of work are better in the US as well.) The response I received was the following: 'Please note that the separation of family members is a common circumstance for cases of this type which generally does not meet the USCIS expedite criteria.' ALSO, 'expedited processing requests based solely on loss of employment or future employment will not be granted.' Perfectly clear why my expedite, as presented, was not accepted. They've invited me to resubmit, and I'm just curious if anyone has any advice on how to present this more substantively? My spouse and I cannot get jobs here, but we can in the US. Our unemployment benefits are soon to expire. We will soon be under severe financial duress. Our city currently has 5 more weeks of severe stage 4 lockdown with a curfew, so absolutely no job prospects any time soon.
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