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  1. DavidX, mine is the same. Your timeline also look similar too. We original from K1
  2. I'm also LIN# and has my BIO on Sep 25. Look likes we are moving now for LIN# receipt
  3. Anyone with the receipt start with LIN# getting any status updates? I haven't got anything since the extended letter.
  4. Do you know how long it usually take for us getting the BIO letter?
  5. Does any of us with the receipt start with LIN get the BIO letter. I haven't got mine yet so I'm a little worry about it
  6. Just got my NOA and extended letter for GC. I feel so much relieve now
  7. Did you receive paper notice? I haven't got mine yet. But yes when I tried to add my case under case tracker, It said invalid case number.
  8. 1. I put all paper into a folder and inserted them to shipping box. But It should not matter 2. I included tax return for 2018. But the deadline is April 15 so I think it won't hurt if you not include 2018 tax return 3. Yes you have to I think 4. I included statement every 3 months but It is up to you
  9. I got a message from USCIS this morning saying my case is received. I'm feeling so much relieved now. It's exactly 1 week after they received it
  10. Hi Dave, our case also delivered on Mar 12 but I haven't got anything yet. Yeah I think your case is transferred to Nebraska Service Center (NSC).
  11. I don't know if it necessary but I also included Marriage License + A couple sworn statement from friends
  12. Nice to meet everyone in this topic. I just mailed our package 3/11/2019. Now the waiting game is started. Good luck to all of us
  13. Nice. Very glad to see you again from K1 filer Maria.
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