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    K1 was filed but stuck in AP so I went to Morocco and got married. Now we begin the CR1 path.

    ****Met my fiance back in 2008/2009 but somehow we lost contact and recently found him again on a social site. It took me some time to realize that we had been friends years ago until I started looking at his pics and it dawned on me that we had met before. Back then his English was not all that good so we didnt say much back then. But in July of 2015, all I did was say hello and from there it blossomed into a full on relationship. We are still getting back to knowing each other again and I dont know why I didnt stay with him longer, but I am so glad that I am. My situation is a little complex but Im sure that we will work this all out.

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  1. Love  the wedding dresses 

    i  had 3 (bllue  and silver)

    (rose and mint green)

    Red and light gold)

    yours are beautiful

    1. Mayi & MiMi

      Mayi & MiMi

      I had 3 outfits. I havent posted the brown one.  The pink one was borrowed from one of my berber maids.  Most of the dresses we were going to buy were way too tight in the shoulder area. The traditional berber gear was borrowed as well.  Personally it didnt matter what I wore I was just happy that we finally did it.  

    2. adil-rafa


      i know that feeling

      my dresses were all beautiful  but too big /they don't care about dress sizes

      and being blond the woman started my makeup by giving me black eyebrows/think i looked like a rodeo clown

      but that was 9 years ago and he is here and we are doing good

      incha allah   all goes good in your immigration process

    3. Mayi & MiMi

      Mayi & MiMi

      All we can do is wait and be patient.  Our faith in this process is with Allah.  I am making it a point to visit every 6 months until this is all over with. Hope all is going well for you !