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  1. Thank you all for your support! Visa Approved (Thanks God)! Timeline updated with experience comment. Good luck to all!
  2. How would you not surrender your GC at POE! That's the first they ask you for! You can't just show it to the officer through the glass. They'll most likely confiscate it, I think.
  3. Usually they'll ask for a joint-sponsor after the interview.
  4. Yes, family size is 4. and yes it is current income. I'm equally puzzled, but there's must be something else. I just don't know it!
  5. Sorry my bad. I should have been clearer. Wife (USC and petitione) is making $54K, but already has 2 kids, so CO is asking for an additional sponsor (i.e. a joint sponsor). As mentioned above, they look at totality of circumstances. Thanks
  6. To my knowledge, he submitted everything, including taxes, joint accounts, photos, trips/chat records, and it's an IR1. Total dependants are 4, including the applicant. As far as Med. Ins., I believe his wife will be adding him to her work ins.
  7. What "man above" are you talking about? I agree maybe it is a new thing, that's why I'm trying to confirm if everyone now is getting it or not... Oh it's actually at the bottom left of the letter/email.
  8. Hey Guys/Gals, For those of you who received their interview letter for an IR1/CR1 visa, do all interview letters contain an A# at the bottom right? Thanks for confirming!
  9. Hey Guys, Applicant is using a sponsor making $54K, but already sponsoring/supporting 3 (wife & 2 kids) for a total of 4. USCIS guidelines show a min of $32,187. Applicant's status on CEAC changed to REFUSED today and asked him for a joint-sponsor! This guy's sponsor's income is far from being "borderline", so why ask for joint-sponsor with a 54K income!
  10. Thanks God! We just got the long-awaited "IL Email!" DQ: Oct. 10th, 2019 IL: Dec 18th, 2019 Interview: Jan 17th, 2020 Pray for us!
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