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  1. this is the answer i was looking for! 😄 I'm just hoping you don't have to go in and hand in the old green card or something like that. If it's only copies you need then I am good to go.
  2. Thanks for all this info! I think i will do this instead and save some money
  3. I have a few copies of the front and the back, yes. Why do they make you carry it everywhere with you and then make it cost $500 to replace? 😭
  4. Hi... I'm incredibly dumb and I lost my wallet somewhere with my green card inside 😭 I have 1 year left to remove the conditions on it. I'm wondering if I can get away with not having the green card and just remove the conditions next year? Do you have to present your old green card to get the new one? Or just provide copies of the old one? Thank you!
  5. well it seems like we have similar timelines and we're both in hartford CT so it should be soon!!
  6. Hi! When my husband and I started our k1 process, we were both living overseas and had no income in the US. Therefore, we needed to use his mom as a joint sponsor this whole time. Now we are settled here in the states and both have jobs, we earn over the amount and technically no longer need his mom to be a sponsor for us. So, my question is, for my interview, should I bring another affidavit from his mom or should we just bring an affidavit for him? Is there a way to stop his mom being our sponsor now we can support ourselves? Thanks!
  7. the uscis case checker updated for me today: Interview scheduled for the 15th of Feb! I hope you'll have an update soon too!
  8. Seems like we have almost identicle timelines. I’ve heard about infopass but don’t really know what it is. I’m gonna call the number for uscis on Monday and see if they know anything (they usually don’t!)
  9. Thank you! I feel a little more relaxed when I hear other people had to wait a long time too. Most of the timelines I see on here are ones that have either been abandoned completely or updated because everything happened quickly.
  10. I started off in Portland, OR but have since moved to Hartford, CT so I'm not totally sure where it's being handled. I had my biometrics in CT and my EAD sent here too. What office are you going through? That sucks I'll have to wait almost a whole extra year!
  11. Hi! I'm just getting so frustrated waiting for my greencard to arrive. I filed at the beginning of May and my USCIS case status is "Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview" as of September 5th. I'm looking for people in the same boat as me and wondering if anyone thinks I should contact my congress person... I'm not sure if my case is just lost in limbo! I'm also wondering what date is usually on the greencard, the date you applied or the date of your interview? I want to become a citizen eventually to get out of this whole paperwork/uscis nightmare and don't know if I wait 3 years from the interview to take the test or 3 years from the date of my marriage or what. Thanks!
  12. nathan688

    Between visa and green card

    There are a lot of forms and waiting around, it's a little more complicated than just mailing in your wedding certificate I'm afraid. after entering the US and getting married, you have 90 days to file 'Adjustment Of Status' (AOS), this includes form i-485 (AOS, for the Green Card), i-131 (Advance Parole / AP - so she can leave the country), and i-765 (Employment Authorization Document / EAD - so she can work in the US). AP and EAD are free to file when you file both together with the AOS. AP and EAD take 3-4 months, at this time she can leave the country and start work. AOS - receiving the green card - takes around 1 year, your spouse will receive a green card 'with conditions', meaning that it will last 2 years. After 2 years of being married, you will be able to apply for a new green card with no conditions which will last 10 years.