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  1. I tried tonigth and it worked, manage to upload all the documents. It worked after 24hrs. Hope yours will work too
  2. Thank you everybody for your help, really appreciate you all
  3. Does anyone get this kind of error "application error" when uploading documents in the AOS? Is it normal? Is it just the system? All the multiple documents are in 1 file and every document size is less than 2MB.
  4. Thank you. And one more question if you dont mind. (By the way this case is not mine, just helping a friend😁) for the income tax, the us citizen was still married for the yr 2016-2018 so they filed jointly. Now the questions is, for the nvc(with his new wife) should he just put the income that they made together with his ex wife or its just his income that he made during those years?
  5. Hello fellow vjers, i have another question. For the documents to be submitted in the nvc, does it need to be original? Or just a photocopy? I am just confused if it should be original or not Like the foreign spouse's police.clearance and termination of marriage and so on. Thank you guys in advance.
  6. Thank you for your respond. Okay, then everything will be okay then. By the way, i have a question, for the nvc, do they need original copy of documents? Like the police clearance and so on? Thanks
  7. Hello fellow VJrs, You guys are really a great help to me and I really appreciate all your help. And I have a question Im helping a friend, when filing the petition, the Us citizen was still working and while the petition was still on the process for approval, he retired already. And now their case is already approved. Now the next step is the NVC, about the AOS , is it gonna affect anything? Is there any other form to fill out if the US citizen already retired? Im sorry to ask you guys this kind of question, i just need your help . Thank you in advance
  8. Thank you , 10 yrs from now. Thank you😊 14 months total.
  9. Received my 10 yrs green card today😊 from CSC. Soo happy😁
  10. good morning everybody, I have have a questions about the nvc process, as i am preparing already for the nvc stage of the process. my question is, Is the DS-260 and DS-261 is the forms to be filled is the latest? or is it changed? and the affidavit of support form is still the I-864? and if there is still another form to filled out aside from those forms?? thank you so much in advance.
  11. thank you for your help. by the way i have a question if you dont mind, in the form i-130 page 3 part 2, says to lists down all the prior marriages, and i got it already, but my question is, should i put the ex wife's maiden name? even tho it did not say "maiden name"? or should i just put the family name of the petitioner(ex husband) since in the divorce paper its not the maiden name is listed? im not sure if you know the answer but just asking, thank you in advance
  12. Well thank you for your comment. There is nothing wrong in HELPING a friend. And i will ask a questions here in VJ even if its the dumbest and the simplest questions you could ever see or hear, because I WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERTYTHING IS RIGHT AND CORRECT. That is why i asked because i READ it carefully and i was not sure. I rather ask just to make sure of things,. Thanks tho
  13. i have a question about the i-130 form, in PART 4 number 14 it says about the "other address and contact information" in number 14 it asked about the "day time telephone number" my question is, whose number should i put there? the petitioner or the beneficiary? coz the questions above the numbers were about the beneficiary, so i kinda got confused if whose number should i put.
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