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  1. Congratulations. What happened with your wife and why did she have to wait that long to become us citizen? Sorry I didn't follow about the mistake you did. I would be happy to know what not to do.
  2. Which state are you in? Please make sure that the combo experiences are good in your state before filing your N400 while your i751 is pending. A lot of difficult experiences and huge delay in Seattle WA for instance for combo filers. Read about it for the applicants in your state. Did you apply in November 2018?
  3. When is your interview scheduled and which local office will you have to go?
  4. Where did you apply (state and office?). Some states and offices are faster than others
  5. Keep us updated when you get your interview scheduled. Good luck to you 🙏🏻
  6. When did you file? Was it Seattle office or Spokane?
  7. Yes please wait to finish your citizenship first😄. Applicants experience a huge delay in Seattle to become citizens.
  8. I wish we could come in Spokane. But I'm not sure what matter the most between having a physical address or just a mailing address like PO box, to get our files process at a different district office. But I'm sure the physical address might be the one that determines the nearest local office, regardless of where you get you mails. In that case, it would require to pay for another rent to have physical address in Spokane? Oh my God, we are planning to travel in Europe this summer and I wish we could be done before june or July 😄.
  9. Do we need to provide all the evidences from the past 3 years? In that case, all the evidences we provided for the AOS interview and the I751 until now? Which would be a lot of paperwork. Thank you for your insight
  10. Yes I was reading about people who changed their address but still mistakenly got their interviews at their old office jurisdiction and had to fly back in the state they moved out.
  11. Oh really Spokane? I had no idea spokane was fast. Are you in Spokane? When did you file and how is it going? Interview scheduled?
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