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  1. I think they are more interested in religious names, former married names, maiden names, etc. I didn't include nicknames or anything like that. For example, there is no need to type in "Ben" if your name is Benjamin.
  2. I know you are supposed to upload the requested documents, and then hit the submit button afterwards. I’m just curious... if you submit everything but realize that you forgot to upload a file, can you still do so even after clicking the submit button, and submit again?
  3. And I would think that any documents used to support said assets would need to be translated as well?
  4. Hey, everyone. Hope everyone is staying safe during these crazy times. A couple of questions: 1. I'm at the NVC stage now. On the I-864, it asks about my wife's assets (Part 7, questions 6 - 9). I see that's it is optional. If I was to include her assets, would I need bank statements, etc. to verify those assets? 2. I need to upload my wife's picture. No problem. Is mine, the petitioner's, necessary as well? I haven't seen it yet, but would be part of the I-864 uploads? Or should I include it with my wife's in the DS-260 uploads? Thank you very much.
  5. It asks for the supervisors name during the time of employment at any given company. My wife called a former employer from 9 years ago and asked for the supervisor's name; they were fairly rude to her and didn't give her a name whatsoever. Is this field necessary to be filled? I thought that perhaps putting the company president's name would suffice. Thoughts?
  6. Regarding my spouse, I filled in most of her previous work history for the past 10 years. However, in 2010 and part of 2011, she was unemployed because of the financial crisis that was going on at the time. Do I need to label this period unemployed? I tried to do that earlier, but, of course, the DS260 is a little pissy with empty fields and/or fields marked N/A and None. Should I leave it empty for that time, and perhaps she will have to explain it at the embassy interview? Thank you.
  7. I was wondering that myself. She has never lived outside of her home country, and the only time that we have been to US was back in 2015. And that's the only time she has been outside of her home country in the last 5 years. So... for those who know the answer, would I select Japan? That just seems like an oddly phrased question to want that information.
  8. What forms should the joint sponsor provide to be uploaded to NVC? The I-864 and proof of citizenship... should the joint sponsor provide anything else?
  9. No, she is currently in her home country, and all employment and education information pertains to her home country. I take it the answer is “no?”
  10. The question asks if you have been outside the country/region for the last 5 years. If I select yes, I cannot pick the US as the country. Therefore, is "no" the answer I should put, since my spouse has not been to any other country besides the US in the last 5 years? As always, thanks for your help.
  11. So, the education field in the DS260 wants information related to my spouse's secondary schooling and above. Two questions: 1. I plan to put in her high school info. Does she need a copy of her diploma? 2. She attended college for about a week, if that. Is it necessary to put that info in there? Thank you, everyone!
  12. When entering your name (first and last), it also asks for aliases, maiden names, etc. Is it necessary to include nicknames or shortened names? Such as "Daniel" become "Dan" and anything like that. Thanks!
  13. Good evening, In the DS260, it asks for all address of the beneficiary starting from the 16th birthday. Would it be ok to use the 16th birthday as a starting date, or should I include the exact date w
  14. Thanks to the both of you for your quick replies. Based on your answers, we can’t work on it together via login, and if I, the petitioner, want to fill out the DS260, I would have to login as the beneficiary? Ok, got it. Thanks again!
  15. I’m currently at the NVC stage. I was wondering if my spouse and I can login at the same time together, from our respective homes? We want to work on the DS-260 together. I’m guessing I would select Petitoner, and she would select Beneficiary, but otherwise, we should both be online at the same time. Thank you!
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