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  1. update got a call from washington least what the number showed and missed it. got a voice mail saying we will call you again in 2 hours. spoke with officer. no need to worry till the last month. so a month before last call uscis again to ask for infopass and get I551 stamped. also since i filed naturalization already both interviews will be same day one after the other. will update when closer to month or when file gets picked up.
  2. finally for USCIS rep earlier today after being on phone for last couple of days for hours. the rep took my information and gave some reference no and said they will call from local office within next 48-72 hours. rep insisted that they could call on saturday too πŸ€”
  3. Thank you Petes30! I will follow this process and keep everyone posted.
  4. The infopass process has been closed. How do you approach ? whats the process to approach and get the I-551 stamp ?
  5. california here and given biometrics in may 2019 and no reply since then. extension letter till sep 2019 so like 2 months more. applied naturalization july first week and got bio metrics appointment in two weeks. are you sure that we are still in legal status even if extension letter expires ?
  6. had a question. in the above scenario where you file for naturalization. 1. how does it slow down ROC ? 2. Do you file for EAD to show at your workplace ? 3. Or do you get another extension to show at your workplace ?
  7. get a counselor. no impact on immigration since you have your GC.
  8. way to go yep good start. We went celebrating our own b'days and the 4th and the thanksgiving and Christmas without the inlaws and it has turned out to really good. tanish πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  9. when you do get your GC. go and visit your family it helps trust me
  10. I moved out and went far far away from my in laws. and then things got better.
  11. I didn't read this but she just said my words. BEST ADVICE EVER
  12. Do you honestly need a good advice ? Move out with your husband to a different house and stay away from husbands family.
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