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  1. Ok, I will do that then, and yes am including the receipt notice for the I-130 in the package also. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the advice, that is a good point and we don't have anything to lose by submitting them, so we'll complete them as well! We don't foresee her travelling or getting employment but you are right that you never know for sure. A couple follow up questions, I see I-765 can be submitted online, but I am still able to just print it out and ship it with my I-485 package(also including the I-131), right? If I do it that way I don't need to include any additional fees for them?
  3. Hello all, My wife and I are submitting a I-485 for my mother-in-law after having a change of plans while she visited, and since she does not plan to work(we will be supporting her and filing affidavits of support with the I-485) or leave the country until her petition is completed, we are wondering if we can skip the I-765 and I-131 entirely. She will not be working, and the I-131 seems to require upcoming travel plan info of which we have none. Is it an issue if we do not submit these with the I-485? We also previously submitted a I-130 for her, and the receipt notice said "The beneficiaries of a petition must wait until a visa number is available before they can take the next step to apply for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status to lawful permanent residence." However we would like to submit the I-485 as soon as possible so we can extend her stay in the US until the petition is completed, as her current B2 visa only allows her to stay until mid-May. Maybe this is referring to an applicant that is outside the US currently, and does not apply for our situation? Is it an issue to submit the I-485 now? EDIT: Just found on page 22 of the I-485 instructions "Immediate relatives do not have to wait until Form I-130 is approved to file Form I-485. You may file your Form I-485 together with your Form I-130, while Form I-130 is pending, or after your Form I-130 is approved" So I have my answer to that part of my question. Editing in the answer instead of removing that part in case it can help anyone else! Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Good to know, thanks! And yes understood, just wrote "we" since we're all helping to prepare the forms and such. Thank you for the info!
  5. Ok, I thought the I-529 might not be needed but thought I'd ask, thanks! Was also wondering, should we expect the interview to be more difficult since she first came on the B1 / B2 visa before we applied for the adjustment of status? Wondering if that might be an issue during the process, we kind of changed our plans and submitted the I-130 a few weeks after she arrived.
  6. Hello all, My wife previously immigrated to the US on a K1 from Vietnam, and since has become a naturalized citizen in May 2022. We got her mother a tourist visa late last year to come visit for a couple months to help with the last stages of my wife's pregnancy and first stages of our first child. Her mother liked it here more than we expected, and as the birth got close we discussed and decided she'd be OK to stay for a year or two and help with our baby. We already submitted a I-130 soon before the birth in December and are working on the I-485 now, but had some questions I was hoping this great community could assist with! Her I-94 notes to admit until May, so I was not sure if that would be extended with the submittal/receipt of the I-485 or we also should submit a I-539? The long flight is a hardship for her so we'd rather she didn't have to go back and forth if possible. From looking at other forum posts, seems like the NOA for the I-485 should extend her visa until the petition is completed? We also cancelled her return ticket since it was for late January since we realized we would need help longer than that. Would her not currently having a return ticket be an issue in this process? Wondering if we should book another return flight for her around the expiry of the I-94 to show our intent to follow the visa, or if that is not necessary if we are submitting the I-485. We'd like to do whatever we can to help the petition be successful. Any help is much appreciated!
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