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  1. Hi and congratulations on your approval.

    I have a question,  I filed an I-130 with an attorney and hopping we should get n answer in about two months.  I'm thinking to keep doing the process my self  and not work with my attorney anymore.Will this delay the process or do you think I should keep  my attorney in order to move things faster .  



  2. Scans are apparently ok at NVC, but the originals are needed at the interview.
  3. cordoba2015

    Email Processing for NVC

    Same here. I had to specially request EP from our attorneys. They did great work for us, we just had to specify that we wanted it done in that way. VisaJourney is a great resource to educate yourself on the process.
  4. cordoba2015

    Email Processing for NVC

    Congrats! EP is a beautiful thing, so fast and efficient compared to 11+ weeks of misery after an already excrutiating wait at USCIS.
  5. Congrats! Ours came in about 10 months. Feels so good once it's all over.
  6. Wife got hers after the May 1 change and it features all of the changes stated on the USCIS website. Her photo is on the front and is also on the back as an embedded, holographic image. On the front side in the bottom left corner it says "Signature Waived" instead of her signature.
  7. We entered through Dallas and are in California, as there were no direct flights to California from Argentina. Does not matter which POE.
  8. Yeah, you're right. I didn't see they were from Japan. They originally posted in a thread started by someone asking about Argentina, then got split into this one.
  9. It is unusual they are taking this long, even for a place as agonizingly slow as Nebraska. We were August 2016 filers as well and my wife has had her green card for a couple months now. Definitely call USCIS and get a supervisor to look at it.
  10. We went through POE 3 months ago and got the 2 year green card in the mail a few weeks after that. When the 2 year green card is about to expire we'll remove conditions.The 3 or 5 years sounds like the years until someone is eligible for citizenship. We have a few years to go until we do that.
  11. If you have been married 2 or more years by the time of POE, they would have to process it as IR1. They asked us how long we had been married when we went through POE together a few months ago. They will have that information and make sure you have the right visa.
  12. You can file at any time in the 90-day window. It is prudent to file sooner than later.
  13. cordoba2015

    What visa does she need? Please

    The Mexico idea sounded pretty good. Meet up in Tijuana or something.
  14. Ok, NVC will only accept the acta, so you will need to send them one. Go to the registro civil to get it if you don't have one.
  15. Did you send the "acta de matrimonio" that comes from the registro civil?