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  1. My daughter’s case (IR2) has been documentarily qualified Sept. 2020 . We have been waiting for her Interview Date up to this day . We once sent an email at NVC to ask why it’s taking this long for her interview date to come out and the answer was they will let us know when the embassy has open slot for her! By the way , her embassy is Manila. Is there anybody here who had this problem before ? What did you do ? To expedite is not an option for us since we have no reason to resort to this route. Any suggestion on how can we make her case move to the embassy from NVC? Her case has already been outside the normal process. It’s now 10 months since DQ.
  2. Tell me about it! Been there done that! I still not totally done coz my derivative who’s my daughter (IR2) is still not through. She has been waiting for her interview date for 9 mo the now. She has been DQed Sept 2020 and yet no IL in sight up to now. We tried calling but same answer they do not know when will there be available slot. It was slow pre covid and now it’s a nightmare coz the backlog is unprecedented especially in countries with high immigrations like Philippines. Nevertheless,we are hoping that she will get her interview date this year and she will be able to join us soon. Good luck to you. The best virtue you can have right now is Patience. I did that for 24 months☺️👍🏻
  3. Hi . Yes you are right. It is complicated. What I did was, I uploaded the paper that the Police has given me which basically a receipt that you have applied for a Police clearance and that it is being sent directly to the US Embassy in 7 days. But then it took awhile for me to get an interview after I was DQed, so what I did was I went to get another police clearance 3 weeks before my interview just not to have some loose ends that will delay the issuance of my visa. It all went well. I got my visa right after the interview. It was issued right away but I only got my passport back 5 days after.
  4. Hi guys. My daughter and I were petitioned by my USC husband March 2019. We got approved after 13 months (Nebraska then transferred to Vermont) . We were DQed at different dates due to some documents that were uploaded wrong. Note that we are not in the same embassy as I am in Israel and my daughter lives in the Philippines. I got documentarily qualified Nov 4 2020 and my interview date is this month of March. My concern is my daughter has been DQed Sept 2020 and she is still waiting for interview date in MAnila. It’s taking really long to get an appointment in Manila.she’s been DQed almost 6 months now and we haven’t heard from NVC yet. Hopefully she’ll get through very soon and finish up the process so we can be together in the US . My daughter is now 22. She was 19 yrs old when my husband filed our petition.( By the way my daughter is the step daughter of my petitioner husband.)She has graduated in college in 2019 and got a job right away but unfortunately lost it due to the pandemic so now we are supporting her since she is unemployed . I would love to be with my daughter ASAP but as I have been reading from other sources that back logged in Manila is voluminous and that the priorities are those pre covid and expedited cases. Any experience of IR 2 in Manila please ? How long did it take you for the whole process pre covid and during covid?
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