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  1. Thanks for your responses @Scandi ! I'm always curious when others don't follow up on outcomes so thankfully I get to say he'll be getting his visa in 2 weeks! He did have to go back to Stockholm for an appt this morning, and basically the only question they asked him was "did you live in London for 1 year" and he said no. That was it. I understand the due diligence the embassy needs to do, and am just so relieved it was that simple.
  2. This is what the P3 checklist says for K-1: POLICE CERTIFICATES: Each applicant aged 16 years or over, is required to submit a police certificate from the appropriate judicial or police authorities from the country of the applicant’s nationality or current residence where the applicant has resided for at least six months since attaining the age of sixteen, as well as from all other countries where the applicant has resided for at least one year, or more since attaining the age of sixteen. So he got his Norwegian police certificate, but it doesn't seem like he needs one for England since he was there under a year. He regretfully did tell them he was there a year, but then had to backtrack and explain it technically was 11.5 months. I think this is where the issue is. And don't worry, me and my friend REAMED him for not being prepared for this interview The email he got said "a consular officer requested to meet with you, and we hope to finalize the application shortly after." My hope is this is just to sort everything out- if he were to get denied or an RFE, they surely wouldn't be asking him to come in to tell him that?
  3. Hi everyone, My friend's fiance (he is a Norwegian citizen) had his K-1 visa interview back in August. At the time of the interview, he did not have his birth certificate (he waited way too long to get it) so he had to mail it to the embassy after he returned home to Norway. Also, he said he lived in London for 1 year and they asked for a police certificate. However, he technically was in London for under 365 days so he sent them information on that (since you only need a police certificate if you've lived abroad for longer than a year). So he sent in evidence to prove he did not reside in London for a full year. Jump to now, he sent all this information into the embassy and they've asked him to come back to the embassy. They won't tell him why and he must be physically present. He told them he is not comfortable traveling without his passport since he mailed that in with the evidence and his birth certificate, and I think they're going to mail him his passport so he can travel to Sweden. This is very strange- has anyone heard of this happening?
  4. They already heard back from the embassy- they got "approved" to schedule and the earliest appointment they see right now is July 6th. It's honestly not as far away as I was expecting the earliest to be, all things considered. They got their NOA2 right before COVID hit so it took 14 months for them to receive packet 3 which is insane (understandable with everything closed, but still so heartbreaking since this process is already a huge waiting game).
  5. not sure yet- I'll let you know when they try to request for late summer/early fall. I read it as they want the request in within 2 weeks, but the scheduling will be confirmed for much later. I can't imagine they're asking people to come interview so soon considering the uncertainty of the travel bans.
  6. Hi everyone- I'm so sorry that you're all going through this! The immigration process is difficult enough without a global pandemic. I wanted to provide some info for anyone who might find it helpful. My American friend with the Norwegian fiance (K1) just got her P3 email this morning. She got her NOA2 approval in Feb of 2020 so it's obviously taken a long time just to get the next stage. I know there's a lot of uncertainty about how Norwegians and Danes can go interview in Sweden with the travel ban, but it looks like they're scheduling them at least. Her fiance is going to try and request they schedule his interview for August/September. Hopefully that puts them far enough out where a travel ban won't create more headaches. Below is what the email stated before it got to the checklist: First, you must make a request for appointment. You may schedule appointment only when we approve your request. We ask you to make request for appointment as soon as possible. Please note that our capacity for K-1 visa appointments is very limited and if you will not schedule appointment within 2 weeks from the date you received a checklist, you may experience a long wait time for an available appointment. Any inquiries about scheduling an appointment must be directed to: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/se. I've tried to read through as much of the recent posts as I can so this post isn't redundant. But having gone through this process myself, I know any bit of shared info helps.
  7. Hi everyone, Back again asking a question for a friend (She's the US citizen with her fiance from Norway). Her K-1 got approved in February of last year, but she never received her hard copy NOA2. She's called twice and put in requests to have it sent but still nothing. She did get her STK number and it show's "Ready" on the CEAC website. But neither she nor her fiance have received packet 3 with the interview medical/instructions. I did a K-1 pre-covid so I'm not up to date on the new restrictions/closures and don't have answers for her. I've read through the last few pages of this thread but if anyone has any guidance on what she should do next, I would be forever grateful. I know packet 3 get's sent out the application gets to the Embassy- do you think they're holding on to it until they begin K-1 interviews again?
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