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  1. Sounds very similar to my story! They hate us eastern Europeans. I am waiting for my ceremony now after applying 2 times for n400 and after 2 rfes
  2. I just got approved, one year and RFE after interview. If someone is still here lol
  3. I got divorced 2 years after my 751 was approved, plus it was approved after we had an interview and got separated at the interview to answer same questions so it was proved right lol anyway good luck !
  4. My RFE was to provide my marriage was bonafide but for 2016 only (i got married 2012 and got second green card in 2015) so at first it was why do you even care for my marraige in 2016, I got GC in 2015 but thats what they wanted so I sent all I had/all they asked for. now, at my n400 interview they did not ask anything about marriage beside what date we got divorced. I would suggest to take a lawyer with yoiu just in case plus if you are in good terms with your ex, get a letter from him/her saying about your marriage. Notarized of course
  5. I applied based on 5 yr rule, divorced also, had interview in March last year, got RFE in April and still waiting. Now this you said,I Thought the same but I was wrong. They go and check case from day 1.
  6. In my case it has been 250 days since i sent RFE and no word from them. Congressman sent a request and got response somethign like still processing cant tell you when its gonna be done
  7. no, we had this interview when I applied to remove condition. got called, separated, waited 9 months for results and once they finally approved us (we gave only one wrong answer) I was eligible to apply for n400 under 3 years. On my n400 interview they accused me of shame marriage and sent home with RFE. I sent all they asked. Year later I got a letter for another interview. At that point i was so done so I withdraw petition and decided to wait to apply under 5 yr per my lawyer advise. Applied again for n400 in sept 2018, had interview in March 2019, in april got RFE again. Still waiting......
  8. where we met/how my car/color, model, age her car same my work hours and address her work hours and address who pays bills? where we live/lived before what bank we have acct at, how many accoutnts what we did last weekned how many times i have traveled outside of the country what is main intersection close to our apartment
  9. Ill get you a q tomorrow when I get back to work. Too much to type on the phone. not on the spot. Was waiting for 9 months !
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