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  1. I had acc on TFC or whatever the name of the bank inside Jewel is while on tourist visa. Lots of banks do that. Try somewhere else.
  2. Define “excessively” lol
  3. Anyone saw this before?
  4. I locked my account back in April and wasnt able to unlock so I sent them an email request and they called me, once I confirmed my info they unlocked.
  5. that sucks. they know you can sue them if they dont respond in 120 days
  6. oh wow thats insane ! did you ask them whats going on
  7. Did you have RFE? What happened at the end?
  8. Thank you! I was expecting Qs about my marriage too but only Q i was asked was what date we got divorced, nothing else.
  9. Have you read their posts and experience? Do you happen to have link(s) so i can read ?
  10. I didnt contact them yet, will do in August, 120 days will be next Friday. They asked for proofs of my marriage for 2016 only! Even lawyer was like ####### you got green card in 2015. I got divorced in 2017, so I did provide as much as I could like lease, credit card statements, letters from emloyers saying my ex was listed as my emergency contact and beneficiary, car insurance..... Even my ex whom I am friend with now ( we both are adults and our divorce was easy) wrote a letter saying how she cares for me and how she supports my application so I sent that letter along with what they asked for.
  11. Long story short 2013 conditional GC 2015 condition lifted, got permanent GC (had stokes interview) 2016 applied for N400 3 yr rule and withdrew petition after a year In March this year had 5 yr rule interview, passed the test. In April got RFE, submitted in May 120 days which is deadline by law is approaching (next week) and I still have no decision. Anyone with similar experience?
  12. I submitted My RFE month ago and no words yet. Still waiting.
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