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  1. The IO said it'll be about a month for the oath, the system says 3 so it might be the 6 months by the time I get done...
  2. No snow anywhere except on the mountain we live on lol Interview took less than 10 minutes, approved and now waiting for the oath appointment 😁
  3. Congratulations! I have my interview today at 1:35 in Charlotte... waking up to snow wasn't in my plans 🤣
  4. I don't see a visa being issued until after the case is settled and yes she absolutely needs to declare that she was arrested.
  5. I never seem to have time to come in here for more than a quick peek these day week 7 without a day off, I've had 6 days off since May... hope you are all doing well? I have applied for citizenship 😁
  6. Virgin Atlantic have said they will provide assistance to any customers stranded in the US, I can't find the link right now but I'm sure it was the BBC news website
  7. Applied 8/23 online 8/24 - updated to say biometrics scheduled 9/11 is biometrics appointment
  8. Haven't looked yet, I figured it was an automated email cos they don't work weekends lol
  9. Estimated completion 7 months, March 2020 Time to knuckle down and study!
  10. I just double checked, it was transferred on the 19th not 20th
  11. March 20th, not a peep since then until today Fingers crossed everyone still waiting gets the same update soon
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