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  1. Hi it would be very good if you share your experience at the consulate with me..I am a little worried about going to the interview with just the 2016 extension, and I was going to email them when I saw your reply.


    Good luck !

    1. Spencerburgess


      Our interview is Wednesday, I will let you know how it goes! From what I have heard I am fairly confident that everything will be fine.

    2. Spencerburgess


      Hey JorgeStevison,


      We had our interview Yesterday! Everything went great, we were approved! When we went up to the counter to have our documents checked they went through everything and there was no problem with the extension. They looked through the documents and I just explained to them I had filed and extension so they looked for my 2015 tax documents along with my joint sponsors for 2015. One thing that helped is that I printed my tax form along with my extension, so my 2016 taxes were ready to file just in case minus the fact that I couldn't file them because my wife doesn't have an ITIN or a SSN. They actually accepted my 2016 tax document along with the extension just fine, just in case they also took my 2015 stuff along with my joint sponsors. Just make sure that all of your AOF forms have original signatures on them when you bring them, they did look at the signature page and did a quick check for that. It was actually an incredibly simple experience as long as you make sure to bring everything they ask for (For example, we had forgotten to make a copy of the W2's and they did that for us there). The process will be much less stressful than you think! You will do great! A side note that we didn't know is that after you are approved you have to go around the corner to set up the postage, the postage place only takes cash not card! So bring enough cash with you to pay for the postage! (If not there is a bank near by just in case)

    3. jorgestevison


      Great! Congrats!! We were also approved! I have my visa already. Going to the US in 11 days