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  1. Hey everyone! I also had an interview on Tuesday (April 23) in Moscow and was approved! The questions were pretty simple: when did we meet? how long have we been together? where do I work? have we ever been married before? Where was my husband born? And some questions about my husband's income. No documents were asked by CO. Today I already got my passport with visa! Yay! Thank you all for being so helpful and Good luck to everyone at the interview! 💕
  2. Hey guys! Just a quick update: I had my interview today. Visa was approved. The CO didn't ask any documents at all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and support!💕
  3. Thanks! Yes, he's waiting for the K1 schedule which he will get only in June - July when the company audit is over. And you're right, the estimated tax was paid and the due balance is zero according to the 4868 form (the extension). Anyways, I hope everything will go smoothly ☺️
  4. Great! Thank you for sharing your experience. I'll have my husband's original W2's 2018 with me at the interview.
  5. You are right, it is what it is. There's nothing we can do now.
  6. Thank you so much! I will let you know. Good luck to you too! ☺️
  7. Thank you for the advise! I also saw some cases put on AP but not due to the extension. Seems like some people provided tax return forms, but CO wanted the transcript.
  8. Yeah, I hope we will get lucky. We provided NVC with W2's 2018 that meet the financial requirements. I also have a draft of tax return 2018, but as I mentioned earlier my husband can't file it with IRS yet.
  9. But my husband won't be able to file taxes at least until June - July. Will they put me on AP for that? The thing is that partially my husband's income comes from his family's business. He needs some document from the company to file his taxes. He can get it only in June if not later after the company audit... He always fully files his taxes closer to October because of these circumstances.
  10. Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing great! My husband couldn't file his taxes 2018 by the deadline since he didn't have all the necessary documents to do it. Instead, he filed an extension. I have my interview next week. Now we are wondering if we need to upload the extension form to CEAC or just bring it with me to the interview? At the NVC stage, the extension wasn't filed yet, so at that point we uploaded a letter explaining why taxes 2018 weren't filed.
  11. We didn't submit tax transcript 2018 to NVC but will bring tax return 2018 to the Embassy. My husband filed his taxes 2018 electronically. The copy of tax return that he sent to me contains no signature at all. Is it normal? Does he need to put a wet signature there?
  12. My husband and I are also in the same situation. My interview is on April 23. My husband should have his Tax Return Extension Document by the end of March. Does anybody know if it is enough to just bring the extension document to the interview or we also need to upload it to the CEAC?
  13. Congratulations! I followed your story. I'm happy it's finally approved and you can be together 💕 of course this waiting was painful and seems like they just dragged time, but it's finally over for you guys! Yay 😀
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