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  1. Hey everyone, I’m a derived US citizen. My parents applied for my passport at a local post office after I had became a permanent resident at age 14. My father was a naturalized US citizen and was and still is married to my mother. I fall under the child citizenship act of 2000 INA 320. I have been using US passports so far as proof of citizenship and am now 31 years old. My parents never applied for my certificate of citizenship and I want proof other than my passport of my US citizenship. So I decided to apply form N600 in January, had a biometrics appointment in March and today I received an RFE requesting evidence of my dads physical custody of me from age 14 till 18. I have a few questions because I am really freaking out: 1. I can’t find any sort of records that would allow me demostrare I was living with my father during that time. I left my house and started living with an aunt right before turning 17. Would that be an issue ? Even though I was already a U.S. citizen at that time. My parents and sister were still living together. 2. What would happen if my N600 be denied? Would I “lose” my citizenship or would I still be able to use my us passport. I also got my daughter a CRBA and US passport while living abroad, what would happen to her status? 3. I am also petitioning for my wife a CR1 visa who lives abroad and we just got the interview letter. We were really happy until I saw the N600 RFE. The only reason I applied for it was because I heard it might be needed during my wife’s visa process. Would this be an issue? If the consular officer were to ask for it during the interview, would I be able to submit some sort of explanation letter stating how I obtained my citizenship and that the N600 is in progress ? i would really appreciate any advice. Thank you!!!
  2. Thanks for answering, yes my father's naturalization certificate and my Ecuadorian birth certificate are readily available. Hopefully that will be enough.
  3. Hello visa journey community, So I am filing CR1 for my spouse and am still at USCIS stage. I had a consultation with an immigration attorney and am dumbfounded. I became a US citizen though my father after he was naturalized. I don't have any evidence of us citizenship besides my us passport. I know the instructions say that it is enough for citizenship evidence but the attorney told me that it could be real problem once the interview comes. She says that there's a 50/50 chance that it could be approved and in case it gets denied that I would have to start all over again after I get my certificate of citizenship. Is this true? Anyone have experience in this, specifically in Ecuador? Any info would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks all of you for answering. I honestly didn’t file taxes the whole time I was abroad. I went there after high school and later on attended university and graduated as a dentist. I have a year of experience working as a dentist abroad and right after started working as a dental assistant in the US.
  5. So I have a question regarding the affidavit of support. Backstory I am a US citizen filing CR1 for my wife, filed Feb 10th of this year. I’ve lived in Ecuador for the last ten years. I moved back in April to the US and have been working since then. My question is, would my income be sufficient enough or would I need a cosponsor. I’ll be making well over the poverty line but won’t be filing taxes until next year. Let’s say my wife gets approved soon, maybe October or November of this year, and we move on to the NVC stage, what document would I need as a tax return or as a supporting document. Would I be obligated to have a cosponsor ?
  6. Hi everyone, Im a US citizen currently living abroad. I´ve gathered all the documents necessary for online filing. I have a few doubts regarding de address. What address should I put in Mailing Address if I don´t have a current address in the US? Is it ok to put down my foreign address? Also, in form I130 it asks for address where the spouse intends to live once in the US. I plan on moving to the US in a few months to get things started, such as getting a US domicile, work and also taking the national boards to begin the process of obtaing a DDS as I´m a dentist in my current country.
  7. Hello, so I got US citizenship through my father when I was a kid (9 at the time), he was a permanent resident then became a naturalized US citizen. Problem is I never received a naturalization certificate, I've always had a US passport as proof of citizenship. Would this be enough to prove US citizenship ? or is it necessary to file form N 565, pay $555 fee and obtain a certificate this way?
  8. Unfortunately I’ve been living abroad for quite a while and I don’t see any way around it. I have a wife and daughter and wouldn’t want to be apart from them for too long. I don’t really have any family members in the US except for a few friends, so joint sponsor it is. I just want to know exactly what forms are necessary so I can go ahead and present my case and, hopefully, they’ll be willing to help. Thanks.
  9. I'm pretty sure you both, petitioner and joint sponsor, have to file I864.
  10. Hey everyone, so I've done a ton of reading and I'm in the process of convincing someone to be my joint sponsor. From what I'm aware a joint sponsor is someone who doesn't live in the same household you intend to live in with your spouse, you don't necessarily have to live with them once you arrive in the US, and it could even be someone from a state other than the one you plan to live in. Am I correct? Problem is my joint sponsor is a little doubtful about the whole process at the moment, what risks exactly would a joint sponsor be undertaking ? and what documents would he/she have to file, other than form I864? What other documents would be necessary to become a joint sponsor? Is this information available somewhere that I'm not aware of
  11. What documents are necessary for the online application? Is wife's birth certificate no longer needed?
  12. You read my mind, I've thought about actually going for the DDS and it's a long and gruesome process much like de CR1. Thanks for the help.
  13. Yeah thanks I read the list, really informative. I was doubtful more in the the sense that I've been living abroad for over 10 years, and didn't know which would be more convenient in my case.
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