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  1. I'm in Vermont, no updateseither. Did see that a June 2018 file got approved in California
  2. Oh my congratulations, such wonderful news. Please call and ask so you dont have any additional stress.
  3. I do not but my vj estimate just went from dec 8 to January 11, 2018. Now I might be that crusty immigrant
  4. Thanks. Thats the only thing that feels right for me to do. I so appreciate your help and understanding.
  5. Thanks #going through. I've never been with so little money and feeling alone. I don't want to hurt his feelings but he seems to care so little for mine. I'm looking for a good job now bit my head is so messed up from all of this. It's hard to concentrate and I don't really want to go back to Canada right now since I'm sure I can find another good job even though it will take time. It's the timing of this now although I have read up on how to file a divorce waiver during roc. It still frightens me though.
  6. Hi everyone, Well it's a sad day but life has been fairly miserable here for some time. I bought the house we live in and helped him get a loan against it to put up a shop. He is constantly criticizing, calling names, and frankly doesn't pay for a thing. Three months ago he pitched a fit a melted down in a way I haven't seen since a 3 year d didn't get his way at Walmart. I was afraid of him with that kind of explosive temper and luckily he went away for 2 weeks in which I went to see a lawyer. I left a very good paying job to try and work this through and am now only working part time as a care giver for the va. I do have back up savings so I am ok but need to sell this house to start out again especially with a low wage. He wants me to wait until I get my 10 year gc as we filed the 751 in Aug 2018 and also give him 2 years to buy me out. I can't do another 2 years, its already been 2.5. I would have no where to go except back home. I like it here and gave made friends. Have been to the lawyer and since I bought the house with money earned before marriage I am fine. Why do I feel so guilty about getting on with this divorce. We've been friends for 25 years and now we barely speak. Anyhow. Thanks for hearing me out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Yes, police officers can ask for it. https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/do-i-really-need-carry-green-card-me.html
  8. I thought you were required by law to carry the gc and extension letter all the time. I believe t bone wrote about this previously.
  9. My extension letter said they may not require biometrics etc. but I'm getting anxious since I'm out of the country for work and it hasn't come yet. Does this happen as it looks like VSC people are getting their letters for bios. Thanks in advance.
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