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  1. Thank you everyone, she passed this morning. Much love for all your help and support. Xoxo
  2. Thank you, I have checked into it and it may only be few days for her now, so I wouldn't get to see her and due to her religion, she will be buried the next day, so I will be staying home. Thank you vjers so much. You are the best kind of help ❤
  3. Thank you. They have my certificate, it is some where in Buffalo not even on the website yet. I called and passport said its not an emergency...:,( I applied July 21 I read that the usa cannot deny me entry even without my passport as I'm a citizen but I am not sure. P.s. I hate life with covid
  4. Hi Everyone, My Usa passport has still not arrived and they have my naturalization certificate and marriage certificate. A friend is dying in CANADA and I will need to quarantine for 2 weeks and hopefully I can still see her. Can i still cross back into the usa using photo copies. Or can I use my Canadian passport. Thx. I need to go asap
  5. Just received my oath ceremony notice. July 14th. No guests, Wear a mask, social distancing.
  6. I was approved on Feb 20. Just in line now for oath ceremony to be scheduled. Yippee...
  7. How do you find this out....I would love to know. Still waiting to see approved....thank you
  8. This is good to know. I am also stuck at Interview Scheduled after 3 weeks. My file wasn't sent on time but luckily he still interviewed me. He was really great about it all. I'm just anxious to check that box
  9. I guess they are all different and you should ask, all I know is that American airlines did that for me.
  10. If you book directly with the airline, you won't have a cancellation fee when you rebook. I use American airlines and they were great to me
  11. Hello everyone, I'm so glad I found this thread. My 400 interview was on January 23rd, in Kentucky and my file wasn't there but he interviewed me anyway. So 2 weeks later and I'm starting to stress. He said I passed the civics etc and unless there were ex spouses and criminal convictions not known on my application, I'd be fine. The firm said a decision couldn't be made at this time. I need a judge to preside due to a name change which may take longer but I'm starting to get anxious. Anyone else have something like this happen....thx
  12. I don't know how much time....sigh I had my n 400 2 weeks ago Thursday and all went well but he couldn't give me an answer as my file wasn't there. I'm just waiting to see if I passed. What website do you use to check your status. I'm using the my uscis....waiting so close to the finish is painful
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