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  1. Biometrics done yesterday! Anyone know what WAC wait time is? YAY!
  2. Yes, it looked like this.. Did you get a biometrics then?
  3. Did anyone else get NOA but no extension? I get updates saying they are reviewing and there is nothing for me to do...
  4. I received NOA but should my case status update??? It has not..........
  5. WOA GUYS! Just got my NOA/extension! IT'S AN EARLY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!
  6. Mine says "we sent you the receipt notice" and i am on day 40 and have NOTHING. I tried to file a request it says I have one pending but they already replied to me saying "i am within the processing times".
  7. I must have picked the correct one as I just tried it again and I got this: We have located a previously submitted inquiry with confirmation number (****) for the same issue. You may not submit a new inquiry at this time. You can expect to receive a response to your previous inquiry within 30 days of the date your inquiry was submitted. If you do not receive a response within 30 days, a new inquiry can be submitted at that time or you may call USCIS Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283 or 1-800-767-1833 (TTY). You will need to provide the inquiry confirmation number when you call.
  8. I pick "outside of normal processing times" complete it with the received date as jan 4th (even though the NEW case status check says they received it jan 8th which is NOT correct),and it just tells me it is within the usual processing time so they can't do an e-request. EVEN THOUGH it said to contact of i don't get by Feb 3rd.
  9. Te. Did you not get your passport stamped? I did see some december ones being received in a week.
  10. When does you GC expire? Mine is March 28. I need to travel back to England in May so I am hoping to have something by then? What is the deal with CA service center?
  11. Day 39 no update. no NOA. no biometric. Can't file e-request - it kicks me out saying i am within processing times. When should I panic? Mine is WAC.
  12. I tried to file an e request and it again told me my case is within processing times so I can't file a request.
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