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  1. Yes this whole adoptive parents things is strange. It sounds as if you are either underage and pregnant , you are here now knowing you will not marry within 90 days. Question now is when is baby due ? 2 months or less? Major strangeness here. I hope not here just to have child in US
  2. Just wanted to say hello..I notice that our fiances are from the same place and we have such a similar timeline. Your case was received just one day before mine. Wishing you the best of luck. I also lived in Ohio for 3 years while I was studying there.

  3. I can just imagine the consulate ask her do you realize what an irrational man you are about to marry he is. Sorry for her
  4. That would be crazy if this whole thread showed up at her interview
  5. Then you get no K1. You think it all is a game and it is not. You either answer like you are supposed to or not , either way you face the consequences of YOUR actions or inactions
  6. OMG does the question ask if you were quilty, no it doesn't. The way you are acting is why we are being this way. You asked we all told, you don't believe so just go to bed
  7. Ok if you are 100% correct why ask all of us. Are you just trying to start trouble of trolling ?
  8. Good luck suing the government. If you can't answer a simple question then a lawsuit will go no where. I kind of hope she finds out so you have to explain why you are so hard headed and can't get married to her now
  9. I would rather explain it all now than have a pissed off fiance if it ever made it to interview time.
  10. I think a cyberstalking charge is something the fiance needs to know about. That's downright scary. Even if not true to hide it from her is even more scary
  11. He keeps saying untrue bill. nothing comes back untrue bill. Either way though it depicts some sort of fraud. Ask us about it when those shots you did wear off
  12. I say since you won't believe any of us here, go ahead and send it in a d see what they do. You will only be out 500+ dollars and months of your time. Or you could listen to everyone and not get an I told you so. It's really not hard but the hardheadedness is going to cause you issues
  13. It took mine about 2 days after I got NOA1 text that was 6 days after I sent it in
  14. I didn't write on envelope and actually forgot the cover letter even after check and rechecking 20 times. I didn't have sticky notes on alot of papers expalining what they were. Received NOA1 not a problem very quickly.
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