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  1. My wife lived in Kropyvnytskyi and she got hers the third morning after interview.
  2. Interview scheduled March 19th in Cincinnati. EAD card being made was texted this morning
  3. I got the interview scheduled notice online on the 4th. I received USPS notification letter will be here today. So it could show anytime. It depends on the mail and also if weather is effecting shipping right Now.
  4. Yes I did. I think it comes down to they have no clue what to do. And I-94 has expired so nothing I can do now. I still have letter they gave us , but no other communication from them.
  5. Sarge I do not know. I called and check up on the SSN and said they would follow-up. Sounded like someone there did not do it correct. We have them everything they ask for. All information was in SAVE when I checked. But know it's to late and Everytime I call it's a 45+ minute wait on phone and I have no time for that at work
  6. Thxs Sarge. Hopefully this goes better than getting the SSN that still has never been answered since September
  7. Just got the ready to schedule interview. Ending the month on a good note
  8. Had biometrics appt today at 9am. Got there closed due to executive order for Christmas Eve. Should of known only day off and thought it was great to get it done. Voice at intercom said come back 26th but lady at USCIS help number said new appt would be sent out. Don't know may get her a ride on the 26th and try to get done then.
  9. Well filed on 11-6 and still nothing and nothing from SSN either. What a mess
  10. No Sarge I didn't. I called and I believe they screwed up. But it's to late now. Haven't even got the NOA1 yet. I have lost a lot of hope for the agencies lately
  11. Yes but nothing I can do about it. Social security does as they please and they all know and won't listen. So we will just have to wait until AOS if not issued with in a week and half. Not the end of the world though
  12. I feel your pain. We applied 9-16-2019 and was told manual verification needed. It has been 8 weeks and I just called and they said need to verify again. Which in a bit shell tells me they didn't do it the first time. Oh well the wait is on again. My wife doesn't understand how the different agencies have such poor communication with each other in the US
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