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  1. My case complete was on October 2018.. till now waiting for interview although my pd become current in visa bulletin in march.. this is so frustrating nvc didn't even give us proper answer
  2. When do u expect your interview.. pd 27th 2017 janaury waiting for interview letter..
  3. So my pd become current on March 13. It mean you are saying i will get my IL on may?
  4. It's going to be month and a half since PD is current where r the interview letters? This is so frustrating.. we have been waiting since 2.5 year and now eveything is done but they are delaying interviews.. Any one knows and have lil knowledge about it please reply.. what you people think reason behind this delay or when can we expect our interview to be scheduled?
  5. We have called them. They said they couldn't give time frame for the interview.
  6. Why not if it is an option? My PD is already current since month and a half and no interview they are doing worst job we have paid them and we cant get proper answer from them why we are not getting interviews?now I have medical condition so why not apply for expedite when i have option? There is no need to jump the queue i have waited properly since 2017 janaury. I know everybody does but now my situation is diffrent.. anyways thanks for your input..
  7. It does some people have applied on this ground and Got approved and Got visa in 2 weeks.. that's why I am asking for suggestion.
  8. Offcours i have my tests and other reports to prove..
  9. Pd 27th janaury. My pd current since month but no IL should I wait or apply for expedite my case as I am expecting and dnt know when this process will get done! Please advice
  10. Thank you.. one more thing r u from Pakistan did your wife went to Islamabad embassy for interview?
  11. How much time they took to review our request of expedite while we are already current?