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  1. Lol.... Ok you are right, are you happy? Do you want a golden medal... Lol this is just absurd
  2. I've let my fiancé and her family members (one of them even works for the government) read the USCIS statement and all of them said which it is not written correctly and which it's indeed very confusing. Don't you wonder why so many people get confused about this topic? Well you know the answer: without any shadow of doubt the USCIS has failed to provide informations regarding this topic because most of people included american citizens cannot understand what they claim. Someone here said that a CBP officer told him/her about it... Well the officer that interviewed me took out of his belt an outdoor knife to open the envelope pointing the knife in my direction and started mocking me about my reason to be here in the USA but those are OT details... It's all about to make your job properly, which is something that today a lot of people forgot how to do it. Goodbye, I'm cancelling my account, I'm tired of this nonsense arguing with walls.
  3. Ok, this is my last attempt to make you get my point, here is part of what the USCIS states about the Green Card for Fiancé: This page provides specific information for foreign nationals in the United States who want to apply for lawful permanent resident status based on their admission as a K-1 nonimmigrant and marriage within 90 days to their U.S. citizen petitioner. This is called “adjustment of status." Everyone can notice that they even made 1 error using the word "marriage" instead of the verb "marry" which makes things so confusing. Again they keep talking about lawfulness referring only on the terms which are "getting married in 90 days" and nothing else. Useless that you guys keep justifying such a lack of grammar and detailed informations (I'm not good either but I'm not a mothertongue if that makes sense).
  4. For example yesterday I was reading about how to drive legally in the USA while on a k1 visa and it is very clearly stated by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the requirements “a NON Expired I-94”. That’s the way you are supposed to type down a scent and complete information and n my way to see that. And again the USCIS the keep typing that you must get married in the 90 days and nothing else
  5. Thanks. Also in my experience the USCIS always alerts you about inconvenients that happen if you do something wrong like missing to communicate an information regarding me or my fiance for example so they could have been a little more clear about this topic, it's just my point of view if that matters. Just try to understand that for me it was a huge shock to not be unknowledged about this before and whoch my family will not attend my wedding because of that, I should have had the right to receive them like in all other normal marriages and as I said thanks God nobody of them got damaged economically. Thanks God I have some military basis and I acknowledged about how things work in this world or right know I should have been looking for a lawyer for to be refunded, I wouldn't have been quiet if something happened to my family like nobody in this world would be.
  6. Sorry sir but on the AOS instructions doesn't state that the I-94 must not be expired, it only staetes that you must get married in the 90 days, nowhere it is stated to send the AOS in the 90 days and that's a fact, useless to justify that. Now the only way to get this information is through a lawyer or just wondering by yourself if you are doing things properly even if the instructions are silent about that, it is a fact, that's it, I'm not making an issue about it but it's rude to be forced to get married after 2 weeks I entered the USA and telling my family to not buy anymore the tickets because I had to change date (thanks God nobody bought the ticket or imagine the damage that an incomplete information would have caused). In plus you get to pay so much money if you are late in sending the AOS and all of this because an incomplete information and this is a fact because I am been reading about lot of people passing through that, useless to justify it.
  7. All of this is not mentioned in the official USCIS page, which worried me a lot because I am sure that a lot of people don’t recognize the danger and damage behind that. I found out all of this by myself because I started wondering “what happens if my I-94 has expired before sending the AOS request?” but if I was not that wise to go and check out there I would have paid the consequences without being alerted by the instructions given by the USCIS (incomplete about this topic).
  8. Hello guys, I am shocked to get to know that here in LA you get a marriage certificate (main requirement to put into the AOS request) after 6-8 weeks and so that means which I had to change my marriage date and set a new one at least 60 days before the 90th day because if my I-94 (90 days visa) is expired that means which I am overstaying illegally but if I send the AOS request before the 90th day then my status will be a legal pending status, is all of this true or is there something that I am missing?
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