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  1. Yes you're right there was a misunderstanding. I do however still think there is a difference between a K1 Visa and the others when it comes to that. I know a guy who waited 1 year and 4 months to hear anything about his application. He did aos after K1. He didn't need to redo his medical. Since they can get a waiver.. I think sometimes it would be easier if poeple would say, when they have a question, what Visa they are doing their aos from. Because it is different. It will help resolve a lot of confusion. Buy that's just my opinion.
  2. Ok just an fyi. I am adjusting from K1. I got here in Augustus of 2016. We got married in October of 2016. I had to do my medical before my interview at my embassy/consul which I had in July of 2016. I did my adjustment of status in March of 2017. I have received my Green Card. I haven't heard anyone who entered on a K1 needing to renew their medical. It actually was in every piece of paperwork I got from USCIS that I had to submit a medical unless it was already submitted. Since it was already submitted, I did not have to do it again. I did submitted my medical before it was a year after taking my medical.
  3. What kind of Visa are you adjusting from? I know if you're adjusting from a K1 Visa, like myself, you do not need to renew your medical. With other Visa's I'm not sure.
  4. KimberleyVDB

    I- 134 - signature

    Ok I'm wondering why everyone keeps referring to the embassy in London? It's USCIS that makes the rules for form i-134(affidavit of support). They have standard rules. Just follow those. That's what the embassy needs to do too. Every case is different and every person is different (this also applies to the people working at the embassy). They CAN ask for copies of what you've submitted. Doesn't mean they will. Copies are fine! They don't want originals. And no this doesn't just apply for the embassy I went to. Everyone that filed ad the same time as me form all over the world had almost the same experience. Could it be they changed some stuff this year? Sure they always do. Just be prepared.
  5. KimberleyVDB

    I- 134 - signature

    What other than civil documents and proof of relationship and proof that your fiance can support you have you submitted. Because that's basically everything. Just because some, or alot, weren't asked doesn't mean they can't ask you.
  6. KimberleyVDB

    I- 134 - signature

    It says on the site you need to bring your civil documents and proof of relationship. That's basically everything. They will also ask for taxreturns or anything else that will prove your fiance can provide for you. If you don't bring what they'll ask they might consider your relationship not real and they will deny you. Or they will send and rfe and it will be on hold untill you provide those documents. Sure every embassy is different, also every day is different. People who went to my embassy told me how it would go and it didn't.Just follow whatever USCIS tells you to do.
  7. KimberleyVDB

    I- 134 - signature

    They can actually ask for it! On the site of USCIS they say that you need to make sure you have copies. On your interview letter it said with me that you need to bring all the documents you've submitted with the supporting evidence. I had my AOS interview it said the samething, they may or may not ask about it. You just don't know who you'll get. It's better to be safe than sorry! If you show up with not the right papers, evidence or whatsoever they might not approve you on the spot. You might get an rfe. There are enough stories out there to verify that.
  8. I second that! If my husband would treat me like that and I had no support here no chance in hell I would stay so far away from my family and friends that I already haven't seen in almost 2 years!
  9. Yesterday I finally got the update I have been waiting for for over two months! I filed om 03/24/2017, had my interview on 11/29/2017! Don't give up hope people. And I do believe that sometimes when you ask them to look at your case (always be very friendly of course)this may help. I know someone who was waiting for 1 year and 4 months, and got his GC with no interview but he did ask them what was going on etc.
  10. KimberleyVDB

    I- 134 - signature

    When we did our K1 application my husband(then fiance of course)made 2 copies of everything. When he had send it in he send everything back to me in the Netherlands. It takes about a week for a card to get to my family and about 3 weeks for a box, because of customs. If your fiance sends copies of everything(!) you guys filled for you application, you should be fine. I would recommend to send it as registered mail, just for your peace of mind since you'll get a track and trace number. We never had an RFE for anything. Not for our K1 and not for our AOS.
  11. I had to do that too. I haven't had a response though. I had my interview on Nov 29(!). And still no movement. He verbally approved me on the spot. I went in for an infopas appointment and they said it is till at the FBI for background check.. I thought they did that before the interview. .. I'm so confused. I hope my congresswoman can and will help me.
  12. Nope nothing. I even called the customer line, whatever it's called, and they said they are working in January filers and that way. I said BS they said I would get it within 3 weeks..
  13. You're so lucky! Mine hasn't changed at all!
  14. Not as far as I know, but I'm not home. I'm on vacation will be going home on Friday. Will let you know if I have an update.
  15. If you're a March filer and they are working on April cases, that is a very big jump btw, you might be able to get a service request.