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  1. Well, I have filled out immigration paperwork quite a few times so I know it is not an issue of mistakes on the paper work. My only problem is because trump seems to be ordering resources to do other things in immigration, it seems to be affecting the time lines of people actually waiting for their paperwork to go through. I could be wrong, but it seems to be the case
  2. Yeah, I suck, I brought him up. Shouldn't have. Loathe that dude.
  3. Yes, I know. I live in his home city and have seen and noticed his antics since the early 80s.
  4. Use to be on the site a lot over 3 years ago. Just came back after all that time. Was not aware of the political climate, but yes, that is surprising considering his seeming displeasure with immigrants, notably from certain places and that it appears his policies have slowed the process for many of us.
  5. Yes, we filed that (I-751) Yes, that Green Card. I cannot keep up with what is what. Yup, I get that now. And yes, it sure isn't.
  6. Need to take a look again, but I would think the letter is valid and unexpired. They sent it to her last August or September telling her her process has moved from the usual 6-9 months to 18 months. Good luck on that. I just want to get this thing over with. When all is said and done, roughly $2,100 in 3 years (visa, 10 year green card, citizenship).
  7. Ok, gotcha! Yes, she is going to file for that citizenship, first thing in May, when she qualifies because, clearly, according to that letter they sent her, she is not going to hear from them until, at least October-November of this year regarding her petition to remove conditions. Oddly enough, we plan to leave the country, right after, but she has that letter (showing she applied and has an extension) to allow her to go and come if she has to. Of course, we have heard rumors of people leaving and upon returning, running into issues, but not sure if these are people not having proper documentation or being red flagged for one reason or another.
  8. Oh, ok...so that am understanding this, when she sent in paperwork for her 10-year green card (which I guess is the process that "removes conditions") she was filing to have those conditions removed (which, basically, was a petition to upgrade from a temporary visa she received to enter the country as m spouse). So when she qualifies for citizenship, even if she has not received that 10-year green card, they will see she had/has a petition pending? Do I have this correct?
  9. So, how does "remove conditions?" Isn't the the process we did in filing for the 10 yr green card? Is there another way to do it?
  10. Thought his order to redirect efforts to sniff out and weed out individuals took workers away from actual processing, hence the, across the board, delays so many are experiencing. Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.
  11. Ok...yes, I guess I mean green card and thank you. Guess that $700 goes down the drain then, huh?
  12. So, a few years ago, under the Obama administration, my wife had a relatively smooth process in getting her CR1 visa. Whole process took about 11 months and she moved to the states a few weeks later to be with me. 2 years later, she filed for her 10-year visa right at the time when the option became available, but Trump was now president. What, in the past, used to take about 6-9 months (getting the 10-year visa) turned into a potential EIGHTEEN months after she received a letter telling her that her processing time was INCREASED to that time frame. As of April 2019, it will be ONE year since we filed for that 10-year visa to remove conditions and May will be 3 years since she has been here and qualified to apply for citizenship. So, does she still wait for that 10-year visa BEFORE applying for citizenship or once she qualifies for the citizenship, she can simply apply for that and just forget about the 10-year visa or can she even do that considering the fact they could always find some reason to DENY the 10-year visa which, I can only assume, means you won't qualify for citizenship? Anyone else in this predicament or received a letter telling them their road to the 10-year visa (to remove conditions) has become longer by well over a year?