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  1. It is saving all the multiple choice answers and typed info, but every time I go back to the attachments, they all disappear. Got to the end, went back to review, all the photo attachments just disappeared. Is this a bug? Is this some known issue? Using Google Chrome.
  2. Thank you, so much. Ironically, I work in that building, at least it is one of the places I go to do work in my IT line of work. Will surely visit tomorrow to get the scoop on what we need.
  3. My wife received an extension letter mid 2018 and with THREE days left to go, no 10-year card as yet. In fact, her case was transferred to some other office (from Vermont to California or Texas). What does this mean for her, at the moment? Of course, if it expires, she has NO proof to prove she is legal n the country, correct? NOTE: She is now eligible for application for citizenship, but we were waiting until January of 2020 to do that. NOTE: I am going to call them tomorrow (Saturday to see if there is any update because the website shows none)
  4. Sinc eI started the original thread and there has been ALL these reponses since, let me let everyone know that my wife traveled with the letter TWICE and had no issues.
  5. I did not read through this entire thread, but my wife and I are traveling to her home country of Guyana in a little under 2 months. She too received that extension letter, believe last August or September. She recently received another letter telling her that her paperwork was transferred from VT to TX. Based on the couple of posts I perused, it appears she is ok to travel to and back with no issues as long as she has that letter? I see some folks saying you can take a photo of it with a phone and that is accepted also? Just about an hour ago, before she went to sleep, she was worried about this which prompted me to come to VJ to make sure the coast is clear with just that letter. EDIT TO ADD: I just went back to the first page to look at the posted link only to find it has been removed and that the post was from TWO years ago just as we ended Bizarro World. So, are the same rules still in place? Any changes? Any worries?
  6. Well, I have filled out immigration paperwork quite a few times so I know it is not an issue of mistakes on the paper work. My only problem is because trump seems to be ordering resources to do other things in immigration, it seems to be affecting the time lines of people actually waiting for their paperwork to go through. I could be wrong, but it seems to be the case
  7. Yes, I know. I live in his home city and have seen and noticed his antics since the early 80s.
  8. Use to be on the site a lot over 3 years ago. Just came back after all that time. Was not aware of the political climate, but yes, that is surprising considering his seeming displeasure with immigrants, notably from certain places and that it appears his policies have slowed the process for many of us.
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