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  1. We are CSC. She was out of the country when i received the biometrics at June, so i mailed it back the appointment letter to be rescheduled on July explaining that she was out of the country and inform them that she will return at the 2nd week of July. So we received another appt for July 24 but did the walk in on July 16. Biometrics was never been updated even after approval.
  2. Mostly at Corbin, KY. U will see the tracking at uscis tracker but not on the new online.
  3. Done with online application. We submitted joint checking/savings/credit account, life insurace for both of us, 3 yrs irs return transcript, birth certificate of our children. Goodluck to all of us August filers.
  4. Started to fill out N400 online application and we are just waiting for the green card for my wife that was recently approved for ROC.
  5. New card is being produced, email notification that action has been taken but no txt. Goodluck to everyone who is waiting. No interview and no RFE. We submitted evidence, joint car loan, life insurance naming her, her life insurance naming me, 2 statesment only of joint bank acct from it was created and from the time we submitted. 2 statement of joind credit card also. Picture copy of 3 credit cards as a authorized user with me and her name. Car insurance naming me and her. Health insurance naming us with our daughter. July 16 - walk in biometrics, original July 24 July 23 - New card being produced on new website only.
  6. We received a biometrics letter from uscis today June 3, 2019 with a notice date 05/24/2019, Biometrics appt next week. Sadly wife and daughter are currently out of the country for vacation and we will be returning back 2nd week of July. Since i am still here and will follow next week, i need to check the box at the letter that i am rescheduling and send the mail for 1 day. Tracker did not sent out a activity on the application.
  7. You can file for a re-entry permit which is good for 2 yrs out of the country, i did this 6x. Before my reentry permit expires i went back to the US and applied again.
  8. There is a approvals/card was mailed for WAC1820750*** started May 22 - May 24, i count them 7 at least. But i am feeling i will get an RFE soon since i send my application for proof, i only send 2 copies of joint checking and savings. No statements for authorized card user just only a picture of the cards with our names on it.
  9. It seems there are 2 June filers that got RFE on April 19 at the uscis tracker
  10. Someone got approved on April 12 case number WAC1820750152 ( case received June 21, 2018) it updated on the app tracker but not on myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov
  11. Go to your account settings and turn off case inactivity notifications.
  12. Account status updated today this morning to reuse fingerprint.
  13. Only problem is i am still married in the Philippines and im not gonna spend for P200k, just to have it annulled or divorce. Lastly u need to have a lot of evidence for the K1. My story was, before we took the k1 route and i know i need to have a solid evidence that my relationship to my current wife was real/solid, i had her applied for tourist visa. When she was at embassy for the interview, she was ask who is the person that she is going to see. And she mentioned my name and ask what was her relationship to me which she mentioned BF. Then the consul look up my name and found that i was still currently married at that time while my divorce is ongoing. She was denied right away. Fast forward we took the K1 route since i was divorced at that time already, we have a lot of evidence and got approved.
  14. I myself was divorced here in california, which i married my ex-wife in the Philippines. The only route u can take is K1 which i did as well and now we are on the process for ROC. U need to include also the divorce decree when u file. U dont need to include ur cenomar as far as i know.
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