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  1. If you plan to stay out of the US for more than 1 Year continuously , you should get re-entry permit after your husband gets his green card.
  2. If I’m in your situation, I will apply for re entry permit and leave the US after completing biometric and choose the option to send the re entry permit to US embassy in New Zealand in the form I-131. He will get his biometric appointment within 90 days after filing I-131 form. In his case ( conditional green card), usually the re entry permit will be valid until the conditional green card expire day. Just in case if he wants to stay longer than 12 months consecutively with his mom. I hope that his mom will feel better soon.
  3. I did not say that it meets the requirement of maintaining residency. What i said that why His wife does not try to come and see what will happen. Logically she has not been out for more than 12 months consecutively. If she came for 1 week or so at some time, none of us can guarantee if she lost her residency or not. Plus they have some ties in the US and these ties may satisfy the officer at the airport to admit her. As I know, 1) to apply for SB-1 visa, you have to be out of the states for - 1 year or more without re entry permit. - 2 years or more if you get a re entry permit. Under which category should she apply for SB-1 visa 🤔🤔🤔?!!!! 2) the immigration judge is the only person who can revoke the residency. There is is no guarantee that she will be admitted or denied entry. It depends on her if she wants to try to come and see what will happen.
  4. Since your wife has not been out of US for more than 12 months consecutively, she will have a good chance to be admitted to the US without applying for SB-1 visa ( I’m assuming). Canada is not far. Give it a try and good luck. Regards,
  5. There are 2 options: 1) A) Apply for a re entry permit using form I-131. It costs around $660. In the form, mention the reason that you are joining your husband because he wants to attend a university in Canada. If you have 10 years green card, you will be likely approved for 2 years re entry permit. Before the the 2 years end, come back to the states and apply for another re entry permit and pay the fee again. Most likely you will approved for another 2 years so the total is 4 years. This option will delay your citizenship process if you are thinking of getting one. B) If you don’t have 10 years green card, the re entry permit will be valid until your conditional green card expire. Then you have to come back to the states to remove the condition. After removing the condition and get 10 years green card, you will be eligible to apply for re entry permit which hopefully will be valid for 2 years at that time. 2) Return your green card and start over again after you decide to move back to the states permanently. I highly recommend to avoid coming back every year or 6 months to maintain your status. There is a legal way to maintain your status while you are abroad which is getting re entry permit. If I’m in your situation, I will go with the 1st option because start over the process again is a nightmare due to the delay in these days. Good Luck
  6. Congrats. They mail green cards through regular mail. 5 days is normal. I got mine after a week or so
  7. Leaving for a month is not a big issue theoretically. She should be fine and no need for notification
  8. Agree with you. People should not abuse the system. Re entry permit is for temporary stay out of the US. Plus the beneficiary must comply to US law include paying tax while abroad. It is written in the re entry permit Thanks for clarification.
  9. If Guam is a US territory, I beleive it is fine but will they accept her walking in biometric? I suggest you to ask an expert lawyer to make sure if the USCIS will accept biometric from Guam .
  10. re entry permit is a legal way to protect your green card while you are abroad. It is a permission that you get from USCIS after you explain to them the need for it. You pay a fee for it about $600. I beleive that we should not judge people negatively if they are using re entry permit. We don’t know what they have been through or why they need it.
  11. Coming to US every 5 months or whatever is risky. That’s why I recommend to apply for re entry permit for any person who plans to be out of the states for long time. YOU RIGHT. If your friend fought for it, she may kept it but it is all depends on the immigration judge and the us ties that your friend will present in front of the judge. It will be complex but not impossible.
  12. Yes she can but she has to select that option in the re entry permit form
  13. I agree with you. She must be in the US while filing until USCIS receives her application then she can leave and come back for biometric. In the re entry permit form she can can ask to pick up her re entry permit at the nearest US embassy to her
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