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  1. Hey! I have my interview next week in Norfolk, VA. It seems as though Norfolk schedules your interview fairly quick after your EAD & AP are approved. I received my EAD combo card one week and the following week I received my interview notice.
  2. I finally received my combo card 2 weeks ago. I have USPS informed delivery, but my package for the combo card did not show up on there. My combo card was in a Priority envelope and was just left on my doorstep- I couldn’t believe it. They could of at least left it in my locked mailbox. My daughter (K2) did not receive her combo card at all, even though we were approved and got our notices at the same time. I’ve put a request in about her combo card. Our GC interview date is 3 weeks away, I’m so glad. This has been a very rough and stressful journey.
  3. I am still waiting on EAD and AP too. Applications received on September 25th 2017. I contacted my congressman a few days ago, I'll keep you updated.
  4. Yes, even though I changed my address with USCIS back in early October 2017 they were still sending mail to my old address up until January 2018. I also done USPS mail forwarding to my new address, but that is very unreliable. They were not forwarding all of our mail including our biometrics appointment letter. 1st time I attempted to change my address with USCIS, they sent me a letter (to my new address) a few weeks after telling me they could find any information on my applications. I called them and they supposedly put in a service request to change my address. I called many time to find out info on my applications and each time I found they still did not update my address. The service request to update my addess had been ignored for months. December 2017, our former Landlord was kind enough to give us our mail that had continued going to the old address. My biometrics notice was there and I found that I had been scheduled for my biometrics back in mid October. What really annoyed me is that I went to an infopass on November 6th 2017 and asked if I had missed my biometrics yet and I was told no! I don't understand how the agent at the field office could not see I missed my biometrics a month prior. Tier 2 can tell you what has been mailed to you and when. I usually call to ask if I have been sent any RFEs, because I am still worried about not receiving mail after what I've been through. Also, none of my receipt numbers work in the Case status up till now.
  5. Unbelievable!!!!! Why do you think that is? Where is your local office? I applied in September and my biometrics was in December (only because I missed my original biometrics in October - the appointment letter was sent to my old address). How have you stayed so patient? Did you raise any SR or call them to enquire about your case?
  6. I'm on 140 days, no EAD no AP. None of my receipt numbers work in the Case status either. However I was finally able to open SR yesterday for the first time. Whenever I previously tried to open a SR I received a message that I could not open a SR because I am still within the processing time.
  7. They are so quick to cash our cheques, but then dump our applications to the side and keep us waiting for months. I applied in September and have yet to receive my AP and EAD. It is my AP that is important to me because I really want to travel home before giving birth. I am just going to forget about traveling home to the U.K next month. This process is so frustrating. It is even worse for me that NONE my receipt numbers work on the case status site.
  8. I heard that EAD is handled by the NBC, I don't know what to believe now. I think you should call up and open a service request, or better yet make an info pass appointment to find out what is going on.
  9. Looks positive, do you remember when you sent the service request for this? I want to know how long it takes for an officer to be assigned for a response.
  10. I totally understand your situation. EAD/AP are handled by the NBC and not your local office. I am sure (well I hope) you have received your EAD/AP by now. If so, is there anything you did to get them to finally process your EAD/AP? I am in the same situation, I haven't booked any flight tickets yet but I want to travel home in March.
  11. Mine has never worked either, since they received my case last September.
  12. Thanks I'm going to try this. Mainly for my AP though, I desperately want to travel back home in March. My applications was received September 25th 2017 and all applications are still pending.
  13. Can you kindly share the email address you contact to get a quick response on your EAD? If anyone knows the email address to contact to inquire about the EAD/AP, can you please share? I have seen comments from a few people saying their EAD/ AP were approved after emailing.
  14. I have had the same error message when changing my address online. You should still be able to send the form despite the error message. I'd advise you to call USCIS and change your address with them too. Hopefully, this works out well for you. I've been attempting to change my address since last year October, I have tried every single way, but I find out USCIS is still hanging onto my old address and have been sending correspondence to my old address.