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  1. I also read that it depends on the number of children you have I read another case of having lots of kids makes or breaks your case
  2. Hello my spouse is a green card holder however after he got his Green card for 10 years I got pregnant and of course had to use Medicaid and in tx they do snap as well . It all happen for one year . Now as we speak whole family is on pravite health insurance. And off assistance as of last year when he applies for green card rewnel in 6 years or citizen ship will he be deported cause of me on assistance
  3. Question I the wife of a Green Card holder I’m a US citizen born and raised and I ended up pregnant and needed Medicaid and needed food stamps as well all this was about total of 2 yrs total now we want to apply for spouse citizenship will this affect him or get his citizenship denied due to me being on public benefits but as of now I’m no longer on benifts he was absolutely never on the application cause he didn’t qualify
  4. Would anybody know if me the US citizen can get public benfits but my spouse is know where on those benefits plus the benefits have ended completely
  5. Hello does this new public charge rule apply for Green card holders applying for citizenship thank you
  6. Before he got legally he has no ITIN and yes I filed texes while he was illegal and he wokred small side jobs such as help around the house and nothing over 1,000 a month
  7. I’m scared of him loosing his status for filing for money that he earned here and their we never told immigration that they never asked for that info idk I’m just freaking out but I know when u apply for citizenship they want good moral character and idk if this will be OK?
  8. Sorry! Yes he already has a Green Card that is good for 10 yrs we are in year 3 and I’m a US Citizen My mother was his sponsor we want to try for HIS citizenship and they are asking irs for a 1099 just for side jobs money
  9. Please help!!!! Spouse and I have been filling taxes since he got is LPR for 3 yrs we owe IRS two years of those 3 yrs during a phone call today with irs the agent asked where ur husband 12/13/14 taxes well he never obtained a ITIN while he was illegal sooo small contracting job is what he did and we have to file a form and put what he made during those years will this effect his STATUS??????
  10. Hello so my husband has been a Permanent R for 3 yrs now I the wife I’m a Citizen and I got pregnant and automatically got Medicaid and other benefit but my husband name is NO where on my benfits only me and the 2 im worried that this whole public charge thing trump is rolling in will deny him citizenship we also applied for oboma care but never paid the first payment to use the insurance
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