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  1. Honestly, I've never had USCIS contact me by phone. All correspondence has been via letter or email. I'd say as long as you have your number within your USCIS online account that should be fine. To my knowledge the only official way to update your contact info with USCIS is for a change of mailing address.
  2. Sounds just like my experience. For reference I had mine two weeks ago in Houston, here's my experience. Oh man, they must be closing up again out of caution. That really sucks. I thought the safety precautions they were already taking seemed pretty robust to me. Sorry you're having to wait even longer.
  3. I have not visited the social security office yet. I should do that soon, though. Is DPS necessary? I'm waiting a while on passport since I won't need it probably till next year.
  4. That's awesome. Congratulations! Done.. finally eh! Mine went well last week. I shared my experience with other Houston filers right over here. So pleased to be done.. just the passport to go! Hope everyone else here still waiting is close to being finished.
  5. The gentleman who did mine was not a judge, he was head of department or something other (sounded like the boss of that campus). Definitely not a law-man.
  6. I had my oath ceremony today in Houston. If anyone is curious about what to expect it is documented here. Good luck everyone, the finish line is so close!
  7. And I am done! I had my ceremony today and it was very low key. You join about 50 others and line up outside waiting to go in one by one. Masks on, no visitors, have your paperwork filled out and bring all your previous cards etc. Once you're through security you go into a room and surrender your green card and your appointment letter. You're seated 6 feet from someone else and there are 5-6 rows of people (approx 50 people in attendance). Very short speech is given by the department head, there's a packet on your seat containing information, passport application, US flag and the pledge/oath written. You stand up and hold your hand up with the others and the Oath is read to which you say I do. After that you're called up to the desk and collect your certificate (check everything is written correctly) then you leave. I was in and out within 25 mins and actually lined up outside longer than anything else. I can't believe the journey is over! What a buzz to be completely finished... now just the passport! Good luck everyone, the finish line is nearly there!
  8. As above, I am also curious how it went if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience. I am having mine tomorrow and just wanted some expectations going into it. Thanks and congratulations to your wife!
  9. Why couldn't you use your residency for the job offer? or am I missing something?
  10. Did you end up getting your Oath done and dusted? Mine was originally scheduled for March 18 but got cancelled because of COVID-19. I received notice it will be held on June 10 instead. Hope everyone else is doing well and staying safe.
  11. My oath ceremony has been rescheduled for June 10 at 810 Gears Rd. My original date was March 18. Here is a copy of the letter received in case it is useful to others who are waiting and wondering what to expect. The TLDR is no guests, wear a face mask, and reschedule penalty free if you're sick.
  12. Thanks for posting this. I see it now, thanks for pointing that out. Here's how that notice looks for others that are curious:
  13. After seeing this mega thread of Oath Ceremony cancellations and seeing Houston listed, I called USCIS to confirm that the Houston ceremony scheduled for March 18th was indeed cancelled. I spent about 40 minutes navigating their maze of different options and finally reached someone. The operator took some time to confirm it, several double checks, but confirmed it is "descheduled" and a new date has not yet been announced. I queried why USCIS aren't widely notifying people in online accounts, on the website or via mail, but of course, she did not know. My guess is this is evolving at such a fast pace they just can't keep up; but its easy to criticize. No doubt this cancellation is in the best interests of the population and all of those attending. Naturally I am disappointed, but these are unprecedented times, and I need to have patience. It actually crossed my mind whether my employer would require me to take a period of isolation because of attending a "large public gathering". It seems we're headed toward more and more of these types of cancellations for the next few weeks. I'll update should I receive any official letter or notification but I am satisfied with getting phone confirmation and not solely relying on an unverified source. I encourage others to do the same.
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