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  1. Applied on 4/29/2021, received the card on 05/04/2021 (4/29 issue date on card), then tried to efile and kept getting the same rejection as you. Finally called SSA to verify how they had her last name in the system and DOB and was told that SSA sends the IRS updated information every 10 days. I had been told by tax professionals to file by mail but decided to wait and this morning, 05/07/2021, I filed and both were accepted. So it took about 8 days from the date the card was issued to the IRS getting the information from SSA. If you have already waited 10 days and are still getting the error then call the SSA because chances are they have the last name differently. Sometimes for long names, the SSA cannot fit the whole thing.
  2. Hey Guys, Just thought I would post this because I tried to search online and every source said to paper file because the IRS takes a long time to update their SSN database. This is not true. My Spouse (beneficiary) applied for her SSN on 04/29/2021 and on 05/04/2021, we received her SSN card. I immediately tried to E-file but the efile kept getting rejected because the Last Name or SSN of my Spouse did not match the IRS records. I checked with tax professionals and was told to file by mail with a copy of her SSN Card. I decided to wait and called SSA to verify her name and information. They confirmed that her information is correct and told me that SSA send IRS updated records every 8 to 10 days so to wait. This morning, I decided to resubmit the returns online and they were both finally accepted. So to everyone with newly issued SSN Cards and being rejected when efiling due to last name or SSN mismatch: All you have to do is wait another week and your records should be transferred to IRS. Be sure to call SSA to make sure they have the name and DOB correct as well. Good luck.
  3. Same here. I was finally able to efile State and Federal today and both were accepted. Now to wait for them to be processed but I am just glad I did not have to mail them in.
  4. Thank you! My Spouse actually had to go in and we did so on Thursday April 29, 2021. SSA was able to verify her via SAVE and using her EAD. USPS informed delivery shows the card will arrive today so quick turn around time going in instead of waiting for USCIS to send the information to SSA. Also, already went to the DMV and just waiting for her ID. I am just glad that she will be able to begin working and I can finally file taxes.
  5. Thank you! Hopefully, we receive it that quick too because I need to do my taxes lol. The SSA office is right up the street from me so I wonder if the card would be mailed from that office.
  6. Hey Guys, I have a question for the folks who received the EAD: DId you also receive your SSN Card? If so, how long did that take? We checked the box on the form to allow USCIS to release the information to SSA in order to generate a card but I have been reading online that USCIS does not always send this over. I appreciate the help.
  7. Hey Everyone, I haven't updated here in a bit but finally have an update on the I-765 EAD and I-131 AP. Both have been approved and a new card is being produced. The I-485 is still in "Ready to schedule interview" stage but Sacramento California is known to take a long time so I am fully expecting up to 2 years wait. My spouse is just happy that she will be able to work and we can visit her family. Also, it took me having to contact a Congressman to get movement. I Contacted my congressman regarding the case status for both I-131 and I-765 and maybe 2 hours later they reach out to me to advise they will reach out to USCIS. Later that evening, I got an update from USCIS that a new card is being produced for I-765 and today I got an email for both the I-131 and I-765 saying status changed to Approved. It seems that my case was ready to be approved but was just sitting there waiting for someone to actually touch the case. Good luck everyone! Hopefully I will have an update on the greencard earlier than 2 years.
  8. FYI, you do not have to file an extension if you are going to receive a refund. The extension would be if you owe money. I am in the same boat and did some research previously. I have found a few options: 1) File Married but filing separately (must be done on paper because online Tax forms will not allow you to proceed without an SSN or ITIN) 2) File Married Jointly on Paper and mail it in along with form W7 (application for ITIN) and required documents. This way will require you to submit original documents to the IRS such as your spouse's passport which may be needed for your immigration interview. Also, per Google, it seems that the IRS is taking a long time to process these so you could be waiting a long time to get the originals back. 3) File Married Jointly on Paper and fill out the W7 and present your original documents to an acceptance agent https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/acceptance-agent-program. This way allows you to present the original documents without having them mailed to the IRS; however, the return would still need to be filed on paper and most of these acceptance agents require that you also file the return with them which can cost quite a bit. This way will also require 4) File Married Jointly on Paper and fill out the W7 and present your original documents to the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) https://www.irs.gov/help/tac-locations-where-in-person-document-verification-is-provided. Again, this way allows you to present the original documents without having them mailed to the IRS. You have to make an appointment prior to going. NOTE: The ITIN may affect certain tax credits you are eligible for. The ITIN will also affect the stimulus rebate in that the spouse with the ITIN may not be eligible. Also, you can always amend the return after your spouse has received their SSN. This will allow you to receive the additional stimulus rebate and any tax credits that may be owed to you and your spouse. I decided to just hold off on filing unless USCIS asks me to bring 2020 tax return with me to the interview in which case I will just do one of the above.
  9. If the other I-130 was already approved, you can have your new spouse submit the new I-130 now. You can do it online or on paper. If you send a new I-485 now without the first one being withdrawn or denied first, the new application may just get rejected or eventually denied due to the first one being active. You would just be wasting your money as USCIS will not refund you the fees and you would have to re-file and pay once the previous i-485 is either denied or withdrawn. As stated above, it will be best to get an immigration attorney. You state that you married the first girl in 2018 and divorced in 2020 then go on to state that you met your new girl a "few years back" so it sounds like you were still married to the first girl when you met the new girl. You married the new girl in November 2020 with the signature of the first divorce still wet and now you would like to adjust. USCIS tends to see this as an attempt to procure an immigration benefit by fraud. You will need to submit A LOT of evidence to show this current marriage is bonafide. Good luck!
  10. So I was actually able to have the physical, blood work, and vaccines 100% covered and no charge for the paperwork. It's best to shop around. Yesterday, 2/17, my spouse had her code 3 biometrics taken. Today, 2/18, the status was updated to say "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" So this is it and now we wait for the interview. At least I know there won't be any further RFE.
  11. I was finally able to add my Spouse to my health insurance without an SSN. I confirmed under exclusions of the EOC that immigration physicals are not excluded and even had the insurance company send me something in writing. Lastly, I was able to find a USCIS approved doctor and added them as a PCP for my Spouse and they agreed to only charge $200 to fill out the I-693 and everything else would be covered under my insurance which is fair since filling out the I-693 takes time which is not covered by the insurance. So I will have that out of the way. For anyone still needing to do their immigration physical, reach out to your insurance to see if they specifically exclude immigration physicals. If they don't exclude it then you should be able to go in as a regular checkup and the vaccines and lab work would be covered.
  12. It was for her biometrics!!! I officially have a biometrics letter for February 17 at 1pm for the I-485 and I-765! Things are finally moving
  13. My Spouse (beneficiary) has a letter from USCIS coming today (USPS Informed Delivery) but there are no updates on the website to show what it might be. I am really hoping it is biometrics or something good.
  14. Yes. I did it online and got an email confirmation almost immediately after I hit submit. Hopefully you and Shan181 have some luck too! I am going to start calling because I at least want the EAD for my spouse to start working and SSN for taxes. I just did a tax estimate for married filing jointly and I am looking at a $7,600 (tax credits and additional stimulus credit) tax refund vs if I file married filing separately, I would only get $3,000. That is a HUGE difference and although I would still be getting a refund either way, I would rather get the larger one. The larger refund will help pay off the remaining debt we have and leave us debt free which will be nice. I am the only breadwinner in the house right now and I though of filing for expedited due to financial hardship but I do have maybe $500 left over each month after expenses and necessities so I don't think they would deem it as a financial hardship. My wife has a degree in nursing and the equivalency shows that it is a Registered Nurse in the US and the income she could make from that would be very helpful. Also, nurses are needed especially with the pandemic. At this point, I do not care if the I-485 takes longer. Just give me the combo card and I will hope for the green card not too long after.
  15. Just found out that the I-131 form now qualifies for a "Case outside normal processing times" inquiry so I submitted an inquiry and hopefully this does something for the EAD as well. At this point I am hoping for the combo card or the green card. I am still patient and keeping positive and hope things will move a bit quicker with the new Administration.
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