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  1. If I-20 expires AFTER you file for AOS, you will be fine. Make sure to plan ahead so you at least have the notice of action letters from the USCIS before your I-20 expires. Two and a half months should be plenty of time. Yes, you can stay in the U.S. as your AOS will be pending at that time. I see. I understand. That's such a horrible situation - they should've supported you given the circumstances. As for employment or traveling outside the U.S., you will have to wait for up to 5 months or so for EAD/AP combo card.
  2. I just want to say as a fellow former PhD student, I am so sorry that you are in this situation. I absolutely hear you when you say you just had enough. But on a positive note - Congratulations on your engagement!! I definitely would like others to comment on this, but from my understanding, you should be able to file for concurrent I-130/I-485/I-765/I-131 after you get married. I'd suggest you do this while you are still in F-1 status with an unexpired I-20. Definitely avoid traveling outside the U.S. after you apply for AOS until you get your EAD/AP combo card. Regarding whether you will have trouble with not completing the PhD ... as an immediate relative of USC, what you need to prove to the USCIS most importantly is your bona fide marriage. A friend of mine ended up not passing her PhD qualifying exam, left with a terminal Masters degree and worked under OPT then filed for AOS after getting married to a USC spouse. She got a GC last year. Her situation might not be exactly the same as yours, but I don't believe she got any RFEs on not getting a PhD from being on F-1 visa. Just in case though, it might be wise for you to go for consultation with an immigration attorney and ask if there will be any issues. Some will do for free while others will charge ~$100, it does not mean you are hiring them to work on your case. As for your PhD program giving you a hard time about classes being "expired" and requiring you to take more classes - personally I think that's absolutely ridiculous. I assume you spoke to your thesis committee or department chair and they aren't being helpful either? There's a supportive community for PhD students on Twitter (follow @academicchatter, @openacademics, #PhDchat...) - you could ask them about your issue even anonymously and see what they suggest. I wish you the best of luck!!!
  3. Same here as well!!! Got the combo card two weeks ago. I am checking the case status every single day...
  4. I fully agree with this suggestion. I also applied for F1 OPT (STEM extension in my case) before applying for AOS EAD. You have a while until you get married in May. If you apply for F1 OPT EAD now, you'll be able to start working sooner.
  5. Mine was $200 for exam plus extra for one shot and lab tests. My husband's insurance didn't cover any of the vaccines or lab tests - thanks to the ridiculously high deductible that is nearly impossible to meet. If you have a high deductible like us (or crappy health insurance), It's good to call your insurance ahead of time to check whether your particular insurance covers the shots and/or tests. Most places where I am (Boston, MA) give you the choice of whether you pay up front or they billing the insurance. I unfortunately had to go with the first choice.
  6. Wow, that's fast. Mine actually took a week. I think it depends on where you go.
  7. I just received this same exact letter last month. From my understanding, receiving this courtesy letter means that the status will soon change to "the case is ready to be scheduled for an interview." After I received the letter, it took three days for my status to change to that. Since an interview can be scheduled at any time (I think they give you at least four weeks advance notice), I scheduled my medical exam right away. It takes up to two weeks to get the completed form by a civil surgeon, so you should find a civil surgeon near you to schedule it as soon as possible.
  8. @Grant & Bri Still waiting for interview. Our status changed to "ready to be scheduled for interview" as of Dec 13. Got EAD/AP two weeks ago.
  9. @AffableAndy Great news! Thankfully, my I-765 got approved as of this morning! I just checked the status online and says new card is being produced!!! While I am relieved that it is not necessary to submit my expedite request in the end, I want to thank you for all your input and advice involving this process which may be helpful for others in a similar situation. Thank you again. I hope you have a great week! Sincerely, Mai
  10. @MrsH23 and @Redvan I am on the same boat. My PD is Aug 6 2019. Updated to the case ready to be scheduled for interview 3 weeks ago and no movement. It hit 153 days and no update on EAD. I really need the EAD to be approved soon as I will lose my job if it doesn't come on time. Lots of reasons to be anxious, but sending positive energy for all of us. 🌻
  11. @Boiler Thank you for your input! Yes, I will submit my expedite request under financial hardship this week. I will work on collecting supporting documents. I do agree that at this point, this is all I can do other than to wait. I will also try reaching out to congressperson. Thanks, Mai
  12. @AffableAndy Thanks for your detailed timeline info and for the input on my PI's letter. Yes, I think you're right that talking about reduction in research productivity does not really help in this case. Still, I thought it would be important to mention that I am a valuable asset to the lab and termination would have multiple consequences, including the loss of the fellowship (awarded to my PI to pay for my salary). Is this correct? What other points should be made in his letter? As @Boiler pointed out, volunteering does require an EAD unfortunately. We recently got a volunteer trainee in our lab that had to obtain EAD to start working in our lab. So I guess volunteering is not an option available to me. I will definitely have to talk to HR about a possible gap in employment and how they will deal with the situation. Thanks again, Mai
  13. @AffableAndy Thank you for your response and for the helpful information! It seems that the recent changes to the EAD expedite request criteria have been implemented as of May 10, 2019. Did you submit your request after that? There is some information online that says only 1% of the expedite requests under severe financial loss are being approved (https://www.am22tech.com/ead-expedite-request-with-uscis/). It is hard to believe this info given all the approved cases (including yours) that I see on the VJ forum (I am actively following another thread "EAD Expedite Request Timeline after Fax Request"). As you suggest, I plan on submitting the request this week. Here's what I am thinking of submitting as evidence of severe financial loss to myself, my husband, and my employer (I am a postdoc researcher on a fellowship salary at a major hospital in Boston, MA). - a termination notice from my employer upon expiration of my EAD - a support letter from my supervisor stating the consequences of my termination (loss of fellowship/salary, delayed progress on research & operation of our lab ) - copy of my fellowship award notice - copy of my pay stub and/or W-2 What are your thoughts on this? Also, if it is not too much trouble, would you mind sharing your exact timeline of your request case? Thank you for your help in advance, Mai
  14. @geowrian Thank you for your reply. I am seriously considering to request an expedite. However, I have seen that the conditions for EAD expedite request approval have gotten more restricted recently, and most requests even with potential job loss have been denied. I also saw that submitting a request thru congressperson *might* increase the chance of approval, but I also read some cases it didn't make any difference. I see your point that it would at least not harm my case and is worth a shot... I can't just sit and not do anything. I can at least tell my employer that I tried absolutely everything. Thanks, Mai
  15. Hi all, I am currently on F-1 on STEM OPT extension with EAD expiring on Feb 24 2020. I filed for AOS (and a new EAD) thru marriage to a USC spouse in August last year, and still waiting for a new EAD (151 days as of today). Since my current STEM OPT extension EAD expires in a month or so, I am starting to freak out. I have not told my supervisor at work just yet since I do not want to cause any panic. Here is my timeline: Concurrent filing of I-485/I-130/I-131/I-765 received 8/6/19 Biometrics done 9/10/19 I-765 status changed to "case was updated to show finger prints were taken" 9/10/19 I-485 status changed to "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" 12/13/19 Is there anything I can do to prepare for a scenario where my current EAD expires before the new EAD comes? From the EAD approval timeline on VJ, USCIS website and Trackitt, the processing time seems pretty variable so I feel it is hard to predict what's going to happen. Is it worth it to apply for an Expedite Request??? Or should I continue to sit tight hoping for the new EAD approval soon? Thanks for all the input & help in advance! Mai
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