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  1. I've been ready to schedule since 9/2020. Based on your timeline; it should still be a long wait for me. I used a lawyer so I doubt that is the reason for the delay. I checked USCIS website today and Sacramento is working on April 19 receipt date. Yes, there are a bunch of us waiting, just grateful for the combo card. Hang in there!
  2. Sorry for the late feedback guys! I submitted an inquiry into my expedite request for EAD/AP submitted in Oct. of 2020. As mentioned above, I inquired on Jan. 13, 2021. Tier 2 officer called me on Jan. 25th asking for an updated job offer as the previous one expired. I submitted same day. Status updated to document received on the 27th then updated to Card being produced on Feb. 9th. I received my EAD/AP on Feb. 16th. It really went fast this time. I'm guessing you are more interested on the GC interview. Looking at the USCIS site, they are processing Nov 2018 for Sacramento Field Office. It may take us a while to get there.
  3. Planning to travel to Philippines on EAD/AP too. I heard a lawyer say to keep the trip within 3 weeks for purposes of "fluidity"; meaning continuity of stay or like you never left. Hence, you cannot be presumed to have abandoned your AOS by leaving. I intend to follow that advice. Best of luck!
  4. Filed AOS packet on June 5, 2020. FINALLY!!! After 2 expedite requests, 2 Service Requests, 2 calls with Tier 2 Officers and another half a dozen calls and chats with Emma. I received this I-765 update today. My previous job offer expired but I am fortunate the employer was willing to wait and issued an updated job offer for the 2nd expedite request. The recent request went fairly fast, filed on January 25 and approved today. To those that are still waiting, hang in there and just keep trying to get your cases moving. Trust that efforts will eventually pay-off!!!
  5. I did. I spoke to a Tier 2 Officer and she kept on saying they cannot guarantee a timeline, it was really a heartless conversation. I followed up again and still waiting for another Tier 2 officer call.
  6. Forms were received at NBC on June 5th. Bios were done 8/6. Requested expedite 10/22 based on job offer. Submitted beyond processing time inquiry on 12/22. Contacted Congressman on 12/29. Job offer expired on 1/11/21. Submitted another case inquiry last week. STILL NO EAD/AP!!!!!
  7. I've had my I-485 status on "Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview" since 9/18/20. Just hoping for EAD/AP for now just to tide us over till we get an interview. Submitted expedite request, requested for assistance from Congressman, submitted case inquiry. NOTHING as of today!!!!
  8. On December 21st, that was shorter and the "Receipt date for a case inquiry" was already June 6, 2020, not April 4. A few days later; it was pushed back by a couple of months. I agree; this is becoming absurd and our hopes have become based on a "moving target". UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
  9. Yeah it's been awfully quiet in our neck of the woods. I also submitted an inquiry, due Jan 13. Let's see how it goes.
  10. Yeah, it is extremely frustrating. But let's still hope for a Christmas miracle. 🙂
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