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  1. Same boat as my wife and son's, we'll be travelling next week (SEP 2019) and my wife's (Permanent Resident) passport will expire on DEC 2019 and my son (PR) will expire on March 2020. I'm also hesitant in travelling because of the 6 month validity but luckily my travel agent let us book. Our travel agent even confirmed directly to the Airlines and their Ticketing that it's not a problem to travel as long as its US>PHL and vice versa.
  2. Hi, will there be a an at the US airport immigration about the soon to expire passport?
  3. Can i buy a round trip plane ticket with a soon to expire Philippine passport (Dec 2019) and get it renewed in the Philipines? Will it cause problems in the airport going back to the states because my renewed passport wl have a different number and it will not match on the plane ticket.

  4. Hi! My passport and my son's about to expire on Dec. 2019 and m thinking of getting 2 round trip (asap) tickets to go to the Philippines for an emergency matter. 1. Is it ok to get a roundtrip ticket with the soon to be expired passport and get it renewed (expedited) in the Philippnes before our return to the US? Will it cause trouble at the airport going back to the States because a renewed passport will have a different passport number? It wont be the same passport number on the round trip plane ticket. 2. Shall i just get a 1 way ticket and get my passport renewed (expedited) in the Philippiines and just buy a ticket going back to the states? What will be the best course to do? Thank you.
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