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  1. Yours is so soon! That's super exciting!!! Definitely hoping for a combo, lol.
  2. In Fort Myers! We live here! Isn't that crazy? It also said nothing about the 751, just the N400. I hope it's a combo!
  3. Just checked. Looks like we're going to Tampa(?) on the 15th of July!
  4. Just received the electronic notice that my husband's interview has been scheduled. Hopefully it will be soon - we're traveling in mid-July for my daughter's wedding! About how long does it take to actually receive the date after you receive the electronic notification? On tenterhooks until then!
  5. It looks as if you are almost exactly one month ahead of us! So hopefully we'll be in early July.
  6. We're in the same boat. I believe we're going to be at Fort Myers as well, and we're waiting for an interview. We applied for N400 in August 2018 concurrent with the I751 pending. The last update was in December.
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