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  1. sweetymcbeal

    travel as new citizen

    Did you return your green card during your ceremony. If you didn't you can use that.
  2. I have the same problem. I'm waiting for my judicial oath ceremony because I changed my name. I had my interview Feb 12th and my status changed online on 20th of feb to "my oath ceremony will be scheduled". Still waiting till now in indiana. I guess it depends on the state and caseload. I just hope it's fast.
  3. I am new to this forum, just a little update on my status. I filed N400 online Nov 10th 2018, NOA 1 Nov 11. I did a combo interview on Feb 12th 2019 because I had a pending I-751. The IO asked me questions on I-1751 and my N400 questions too. Civic questions were; 1) what did Martin Luther king jr do? 2) Name one Native American tribe? 3) who was in US before the european arrived? 4) who is the first president of the US? 5) where is the Statue of Liberty? 6) when is the last day you can file tax? My husband came along for my interview. Once she was done IO asked my husband to come in to verify we are in a bonafide relationship. Also, I didn’t know I was going to be interviewed on I-751 so I didn’t bring much evidence although I submitted a lot of evidence when I filed. When she was done she said we did good and I passed my N400 questions. She said she cannot give me an approval as I have a pending I-751. My status online didn’t change until 8days after combo interview, that was 20th. My status online for I-751 says “my new card is being produced” and my N400 says “my oath ceremony will be scheduled”. I am now waiting for my oath date in mail. Am so glad this journey is almost over. For everyone that has a pending N400 you will get it soon, just be patient.
  4. Alright thanks for clarifying.
  5. I had my interview today. It went well. The officer told me I passed my interview but she can’t make a decision at that moment because I had a pending I-751. Actually had a combo interview N400 and removal of condition. My question is how long did you get a response after interview, the officer told me it takes up to 90 days like you said.
  6. Fractalina I have my interview tomorrow. I live in indiana. I just checked your timeline and realised you did your interview in Dec, just wondering if it takes 2 months from interview to oath ceremony in indiana.