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  1. I just married my beautiful long time girlfriend 2 weeks ago in Romania. I am us citizen with dual citizenship (Romanian) and have been living with her for some time now in romania. I was planning to file the i130 early next year. Since i am not working in the usa and wanted to be with her while we wait for the process, i had to find a co sponsor which i did, now that it seems like everything just got so much harder is a co sponsor even an option? We both have been stressed about the whole process before this new rule came out about the public charge, now sadly we are on the brink of depression ever since finding out that this process will be 10x harder than before. I read that this rule takes effect in 60 day, does this mean that i should file the petition right away and before the rule is enforced? or did i hear and understand wrong. I am at a loss for words and i dont even know what to do anymore. Can anyone with more info on this new rule please tell me the best way to for forward? Should i apply now rather than wait? Also i would like to file from abroad as do not want to leave here just to file from the us. is this even possible now? sorry im rambling, just so damn sad i dont even know what to say or do anymore.
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